Hiway menace 3 crotch rockets & Sportster

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by larryjmiller, Jul 14, 2010.

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    Coming home from work, in my cage late tonight on the freeway when 3 crotch rockets and a Sportster were working their way up the freeway in both the #1 and #2 lanes. 4 bikes taking up 2 lanes and not keeping up with the flow of traffic. Faster vehicles had to move over 3 lanes to go around these knuckleheads by passing them on the right. I watched for quite a while from a distance. Fortunately I got to switch freeways. I hope they didn't cause an accident tonight. Eventually, if they keep riding like that they will.

    I'm sure they made a lot of new enemies tonight. Gotta wonder why these guys (helmets and dark so they could've been girls too) were so un-courteous. It's knuckleheads like them that turn normal drivers against bikers.http://www.hdtimeline.com/images/3dSmilies/small3d012.gif

    There's never a cop around ...
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    Not all bad drivers are in cages.
  3. R. Lewis

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    ??- They were in the "Fast Lane" going slower than the posted speed limit?
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    Your comment:" where is a COP when you need them" reminds me of an incident that the bride and I had a few months ago. We were heading to our place in Cape May and taking some of the back roads in Ocean County, when three sport bikes passed us, going into a turn, doing probably 85 on a road marked 45. There's the usual cussing and lamenting "Where's a COP...." when all of a sudden, smack in front of them is a State Ranger. Now, as mentioned, these guys passed us on a corner, so they are in the oncoming lane. I don't know who was more shocked, the bikers or the Ranger! He coped a quick "bat-turn" and hit the overheads pulling them over. Don't know the outcome,but it sure was gratifying to have a COP when you need one......
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    Yea I thought YOU were gonna say the opposite!
  6. Troy1225

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    Some bikers can be annoying. I hate it when I get stuck behind a long line of cars and see two bikes at the front of the line holding up traffic.

    I understand that everyone needs to ride within their comfort level but if you can't at least do the speed limit, then you shouldn't be on that particular road.
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    Knuckleheads is way too kind:s