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    I've been helping my son-in-law for over a year find a good bike . He had a budget he needed to stay with so he had to be patient . There were severl bikes he saw on craig's list all of which were over his $10,000.00 budget . He tried offering them less but didn't have much luck . Last Friday I was looking on CL when a add for a 2011 Dyna Super Glide Custom caught my eye . The owner had it listed for $9800.00 and it only had 1500 miles , the add said must sell today . So I e-mailed him the add , he called the guy , went and looked at it offered him 9500.00 and at fisrt the guy said no he had 2 other people coming to look so Derick said ok and left . The guy called him an hour later and said he'd take $9500.00 . Other than a back rest and hand controls and all the pegs it's stock . He ordered a set of Python long shots which will be on by the weekend . Since he bought this my wife is a little more interested in riding , had to take her down last Saturday so she could buy a couple do rags , funny how he buys a bike and it's costing me more money now . Anyway I'll look forward to working on it with him as far as service goes .
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    Congrats to your son-in-law, sounds like he got a good bike for a good price. Have fun riding:bigsmiley12: together.
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    :s A very good score, congratulations, now you have a riding partner
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    Glad to hear it. His budget is higher than mine was, that's for sure. I was trying to find a bike for around $6k, then I upped it to $7k, and each time I went up in price, I'd find a bike, it would sell out from under me, and I'd look for another, and up my price again. Found an 08 Super Glide Custom, 2200 miles, with several thousand in chrome for $9500, and got it for $9000. Glad I went up to that price or I could have wound up with something alot less than I wanted, and spend alot more just to make it look the way I wanted.
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    It does help to just watch and wait till a good deal comes along but you do need to watch what is happening in the marketplace every day
    Good deal and his persistence and good negotiation skills did him well

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    Congrats to your SIL - get him signed up on the forum so we can see some pics!!!
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    Congrats! In regards to costing you more money....a couple do-rags is a small price to pay to keep the boss happy, right? You guys ride safe!

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    Thank you , one thing I forgot to tell you , the 1st thing we bought for them was the little cow bell to keep the gremlins away .