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    Hey, just wanted to throw this out here to see what you think. The girls may actually have more of an opinion here :s.

    Twice now, I have come home from work only to change and run out for a nice ride. (hubby was already gone) so off I go. The first night, I only made it 2 miles until I saw about 6 hot air balloons landing in a subdivision, so there I go, off into the sub division, socializing with my friends & doing way more work than I wanted and watching the sun set. I come up to the 3rd balloon, and ha! I caught hubby! He had ridden his bike to the airport to play balloons. :D So for the ride back, he suggests that we go on my bike back to the airport to get his. I said only if he drives. :s Same story tonight, but I did get a few more miles in on the ride, but it was a bit breezy for landing, so I ran out to help our buddy out on the landing.

    Now, I must say that sitting on the back of my deuce compared to his electra glide is way scary to me. :newsmile070: Plus, I will say that HE drives my bike way more aggressively than I do......I know, I checked his speed. LOL. But here are our comparisons:

    First, I get on my bike as a passenger way better than I do on his, (my bike being lower & all, I can just throw a leg over), any secrets to getting on as a pax for his bike would be appreciated. :D Just in case you know.

    Second, my bike will flat out fly! Wow, not only was I scared back there, it felt so different, but honey will really get on it. I tend to be a little on the cautious side, but he does have quite a few more bike miles than I do. And for the record, his driving didn't scare me, it's just so different riding as a passenger than driving.

    Third, he definitely notices all the wind that deflects under the windshield of my bike, his of course has the nice big fairing and he likes it. :D

    Fourth, he won't admit it directly, but I think he really likes my sporty little deuce. He sure looks like he's having a ton of fun up there.

    His bike is way more 'practical', but mine is fun. :bigsmiley24:

    I told him he could take my bike out when he wants, as long as I'm not using it, and he said he wouldn't do that. When I asked why, he said that he didn't want to have to get another electra glide.....but he believes that if he rides mine, I should get to ride his. Sounds fair, right? :newsmile091: He's convinced that I have developed a pattern.......hmmmm

    Tonight wasn't as scary back there for me.......I'm getting better. :D But when we beat everyone back to the airport by about 20 minutes, I told him he may have exceeded the speed limit. It was fun. We also figured out that I now have more miles as a passenger on my bike than I do on his. How'd that happen? :p I've only been on his bike about 4 times, and 3 of those rides were a mile or less. He says it's because I'm not that good at getting on his bike, it's the climbing up there thing, I guess I think I'm getting on my own bike.

    Also, if I didn't have the backrest, he could lose me off my bike. I'll have to check the bolts there.....and don't worry, I won't drive it like he does. At least not this year.:cheers
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    Either way Joy, it sounds as if you had fun even if it was on the back of your bike, just be careful trying the ultra out, it can become a habit!
    BIG difference as a passenger between the two bikes, so you are justified in your feelings about the passenger status on both IMO.
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    Joy ..My wife says the best way to get on my bike is to stand very close to it while facing it put one hand on my shoulder and one hand on the backreast put your left foot on the floorboard and try to stand straight up on it .Don't swing your body to get momentum(this makes it hard to hold the bike straight as the weight wants to pull the bike over). Once you have sood straight up on the floorboard then step through or gently swing your right leg over.. I think too many passengers try to get on a bike like you get on a horse. It is similar but you cant "pull" yourself up. We just went from a Night Train to a Road King and she went from being able to just swing a leg over to having to use the floorboards . I hope this helps but it is really hard to explain .

    Jack (Tigg)
  4. The Bad Man's Angel

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    I was luggage for 4 years on the back of The Bad Man's RK and 1 on the back of his SE Ultra. Both were comfortable to ride and he's never scared me but nether were MY bike. I also rode both of HIS bikes by myself but never cared for the ride. I like a more responsive bike, 1 that I can flick through curves and not have to call ahead and for a clear runway :)
    My Sporty suites me and it's mine. It only rides 1 up and will stay that way.
    If he found his way some place he can find his own way back :)
  5. Joyflyin

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    Thanks Jack, I'm pretty sure I tend to swing my weight......I guess I just need practice. :s But it was pretty funny the first couple of times, for me, I don't think he liked it though.

    Glider, I agree, the bikes are 2 different beasts. As usual, I never thought about the different feels of the ride (as a passenger) until I had experienced it. :D And yes, I did have a lot of fun. :s I keep saying that one evening I will be able to ride by the big, pretty, colorful balloons. LOL
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    Angel ..I had a different experience with my bikes. My Night Train was freindly in the parking lot and cranky on the road. While the road king is cranky in the parking lot and friendly on the road. It corners like a dream. I think the wide back tire on the Train wanted to push the skinny front tire. It wanted to go in a straight line.With your sporty you don't have that issue (sporys are known for their handling).

    Joy It may be funny for the passenger but for the driver.The thought of dropping my bike :panic. Shame on you JOY :s