Highway pegs on an Ultra

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Crazyfrog, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. Crazyfrog

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    I'd like to get some feedback on putting highway pegs on the Ultra. First off, I'm vertically challenged, 30" inseam. With the lowers on, I've seen some long offset mounts that fit nicely and look like they would be in a good position, so I stopped and picked up a set. I started to put them on, and even though they are for the 1 1/4 dia. highway bars, they seem too small. The bolt that came with them does not seem long enough to get the threads started, so I stopped at that point. I do not want to crush the bar, incase I don't like them and have to take them back off.
    The next dillema is after holding them up there, what the heck are they gonna look like if I decide to take the lowers off this summer?
    Are most of you removing the lowers for better airflow and cooler temps, or do you just leave them on and run her?

    Thanks in advance for any replies!
  2. TQuentin1

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    I have the same vertical issues you mention. I put the Kuryakyn pegs on mine. Work with/without the lowers on which I really like here in TX. Here is the link:

    Tour-Tech Cruise Mounts for 1-1/4-Inch Engine Guards

    I actually got the long arms and the ISO wings. Like that setup.

    _4528 // $189.99 Mounts with ISO-Wings Mini Boards (pr).For Average Height Riders (Long Arm).

    They say for "average" riders, but I am short!

    I did also put the HD "REACH" seat on too. That help me since it moved me forward and lowered me too. Made a big difference in the stability of the bike. Not so top heavy.

  3. Ozoneman

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    I'm taller than you so I use the Short Angled Peg Mounts from HD (part no. 50830-07, $99.95). The Long Angled Peg Mounts (part no. 50829-07) may do it for you.

    I plan to take my lower fairings off in the summer so I had the "Detachable Fairing Lower Hardware Kit" installed to make it easier. It is part no. 58146-07 and cost $90 for the part.
  4. Crazyfrog

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    Thanks, I think I'll use the long arms. I was just hesitant to put them on in case I didn't like them and then end up with scratched up highway bars.
  5. R. Lewis

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    Could you take a small piece of cloth or foam rubber and wrap your bars where you are going to mount the arms then snug them down until you decide if your keeping them?
  6. Crazyfrog

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    I can barely get the clamps around the bars, so no room left. I thought about putting some electrical tape on them.

    This is going to turn into about a 4 beer job!
  7. Vibratinharley

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    I have an 08 Ultra and I agree with you on the clamps having awfully tight tolerance. I put the pegs and clamps on the shelf and decided I will wait till weather is warmer and I have the lowers removed to try to fit them. Might need a couple of shots to go with them beers! :bigsmiley5: