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High Test?


What octane gas are you running in your bike? When I originally bought my bike they told me at the dealership that I had to run high test gas. Is that true? With the price of gas I am thinking about trying something in the mid range.
I think that you can try the mid grade fuel and see if it works for you but chances are that your engine will ping. For the life of my engine as I would like to keep this bike as long as I can I use high test everytime without exception.
No question, I run 93 Octane! My old police cruiser has nearly 70k miles on it and I ride it hard. I've never had any mechanical issues with this bike.

Now, electrical maybe, but mechanical, no!
I was told that running the high octane burns slower anyways, that compared I would still be running the same amount of money through the pumps.Not sure if that is true or not, but follow the advice anyhow and seem to be doing quit well.
I never really gave it too much thought that I would have to run hightest but it is really not a big deal. In the area that I live right now the gas prices are lower then they have been in almost 2 years.
It really is best to use the recommended high test fuel, especially if you want to ride liong and hard. There will be more wear and tear problems with the engine down the road if you use mid grade gas. (Or at least that is what the bike shop told me)
With a HD ya better run high test..
Low octane will cause pinging in top end and that ain't too good . Don't be a cheepskate with a high quality machine...
Setting price aside completely, most quality gas of a 91 octane will do a fine job in these bikes. 93 octane burns slower and without higher compression ratios is not necessary. 93 octane will give no added power or performance over 91 and you may find after running a few tanks that it runs better with 91 than with 93. It will also run just a bit cooler with 91.