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    When cleaning your bike, do you ever use the high pressure auto wash wands? I normally use only hand washing techniques, but after long rides I do use the car wash wands to remove bugs in the hard to get to places, being careful to avoid sensitive areas. I find that on the WS, forks, tripple tree, front of engine and under the bike it makes it much easier. So far I have seen no ill effects on the bike or paint. I always ride it for some distance afterwards to ensure there is no standing water in all those holding places, removed by wind or heat before I stop. What do you feel about this? I guess I feel that if I am going to ride it in all elements, this should be ok?

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    If you use the coin car was, do not use wand higher than few inches below lower side covers. Go easy, and briefly as you could easily water log everything, yea I could say no, but it is your ride and you decide. Just don't aim it at the starter or high power or electronic bits like connectors, regulator or horn either, I did not check my starter for venting when I had mine apart, but a vent hole could allow water in.

    Also do not try to wash the wheel bearing areas of the wheels, and "briefly and do not "dwell" over any particular areas of possible concern...you do NOT want to be forcing water into anywhere it does not belong, lest you want to be pushing the bike home after washing and drying your bike if it does not start... :s
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    Agree with Hobbit here.You are asking for problems with the high preasure wonds.
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    Never use hi-pressure wash on my Harley. Handwash at home with Zip wash and wax. Then use leaf blower to blow water off. Pull into shop and wax-polish-detail. SP-100 on the blacked out motor and tranny. Novus on windshield.:TEXAS
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    Thanks for the responses. I never thought about vent holes in starter or wheel bearing problems. Probably best to avoid all together. :34:
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    I use Turtle wash which leaves a wax finish. Water hose on light spray. I use wax in a spray bottle for aluminum wheels and they look like new after 7K mi. Like new74HDFAN I stay away from the wheel bearings and electronics.

    It's your bike and you do what you want. They make these parts so they can take ambient water but I don't think they make them safe from H.P. wands. But on the frame and solid parts I don't see a problem. Then Pledge the heck out of her. I'm so glad I found this site. Pledge gives you the "edge". Man, I love that stuff (orange flavor of course)..
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    I use a car wash when "on the road" for long time periods, like when we went to the black hills this summer. After about 1500 miles of road grime and bugs, I didn't have any other choice (that I know of). I didn't bring the stuff to hand wash, and couldn't stand looking at it. It was almost embarrassing how nasty it looked..... But while home, I just hand wash. I will say that 1 of the local H-D dealers does use a pressure washer, I have seen them wash a brand new bike with it, in there "back-room" detail area of the shop. I didn't ask anything about it, so I don't know how much pressure they use. Personnally I never thought about the issue's others have spoke about, I just thought it was easier to roll the hose out, then to get the pressure washer out .
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    I love my pressure washer, but refrain from using it on the bikes. When I want to degrease the underside, I buy a can of foamy Gunk and spray it there, keeping it off paint as much as possible then rinse with the hose.
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    I use regular houehold hose, no high pressure. And definately agree with avoid the wheel bearing area.
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    I use a hose pipe and sponge for most of the bike but for the underside and the engine i use a small toilet brush (its been in my bike cleaning kit since 1981) and i like to use wax on the paintwork