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Hibernating sportster


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I've got a 1989 sportster that has been sitting around for 14 years pretty much right next to my 87 fxrs "work in progress." It has 3,600 original miles on it. Here is what I have done so far to it. The first thing I did was put some marvels mystery oil into the cylinders, and washed all the dust and dirt accumulations off of it. I then broke the clutch free. I'm having difficulty deciding what to do next. Any ideas? I haven't tried the starter but the engine is free. Here is the pics of it.


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before you even try to start it, put new fluids into the motor, and a new filter, even a new battery, and change the clutch specially as you had to break it free :(, check all the rubber hoses and possibly unsieze the brakes, thats for starters

You should also check any hydraulic components such as master cylinders brake cyliders. It has a tendency to crystilize if sitting for long periods.
More like new gas tank. It is half full of what used to be gas. Not to mention rust, lots and lots of rust.
Which mess? The inch of dirt on it or the 2 inches of sludge that used to be gasoline in the fuel tank, or both. The dirt is already gone.
Acually it really was a package deal. I got both the bikes at same time from the same barn.
What kind a lube should the primary case have in it. I have to put it back into storage for a short time and I don't want to put it in without oil in there.
The sportster or the low rider in your avatar?

If it is the sporty, then the Spectro Heavy Duty Gold Primary Chaincase Lube/Transmission Lubricant is the ideal choice for Sportster chaincases.
It's the sporty I have started kinda picking away at it. Nothing real serious yet. It needs more attention than I can afford to give it. The thing is in terrible condition just about every piece of chrome is in need of replacement. Needs a new fuel tank, chain, the brakes need to be gone through, the wiring has been eaten by mice, plus I have no clue what else I'm going to find.:bigsmiley5: