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Hi yall....


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This is my first post so here it goes...I own a 2007 XL50 and i am located in Louisiana. I first bought an 883C last year and once i heard about the anniversary edition, i just had to have it. Luckily they had one at the dealer here and within 24hrs i had the its so much better...anyways...i look foward to asking a lot of questions and hopefully learning quite a bit from everyone else....peace...
Hey how fast will an 883 go, and how much do you weigh I want to make sure it will carry my big butt. I have ridden Harley's all my life and most have been bigger bikes, i get great deals on parts and bikes too.
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well i weigh about 220lbs and its not nearly as fast as the 1200 in my opinion...i like the the look of the peanut tank and i had bought one with the custom tank...although sometimes i think the bigger tank is better no matter what...anyways the 1200 is super fast (and a little harder to handle) and now that i put some pipes..its even faster...good luck and happy riding...
Hi I have a 1200 sportser #271 in orange and I live in Australia I am currently trying to compile a list of all 2000 50th anniversary XL 1200, 2 down 1998 to go what color is yours pm me or reply to my post .......Mitch
G'day just want to let you know for your list, I have one of the 2000 - 50th anniversary XL 1200 #933 and am situated on the Gold Coast...
hello and welcome from another (edit I think:D) lots of help available here what part of the bayou country do you live and ride in