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    I'm posting this here as I'm wondering what the members have to say for a high performance final drive belt. High torque and horsepower application.....125+ on both numbers......chain is not an option.
  2. Gates, or any Hybrid
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    The OEM belt, made by Gates, either the wide or narrow, will get the job done; I think the narrow is the stronger of the two. I run the narrow on a bagger, not 125 square but 124TQ/110HP with no issues but I don't abuse the motor.;) Back tire breaks loose from time to time but no burnouts or other stupid stuff. I know a few that have replace the OEM belt with aftermarket belts (Gates non OEM and Falcon) to save $$ only to break them. Some hardheads have to break two before they go back to OEM.....:eek: I also know a few that run 117", 120" and 124" motors making higher than 125 square numbers that run OEM belts with no issues but they don't abuse either.:cool:

    I understand the aversion to chain drive; not an option for me either.
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    From what I have read it sounds like alot of work changing a belt 1 time. Doing a few times do to a belt not being strong enough would be frustrating.
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