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    Hi everyone,
    I'm new to Harleys and I picked a doosy to start out with.
    I bought a '90 Softail Springer and its got 61K and quite a few issues.

    I did ride it once before starting to tear into it, and I sure do now understand the feel of a Harley after riding some standards, sport, and a metric cruiser.
    Its all metal!

    Currently I'm in the process of removing the primary and I just discovered online that my bike fell in the years of the "casting issue" for the crankcase causing oil leak into the primary. I drained a half gallon of oil out of the primary the other day. I've never done anything but carb work before.

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    Welcome to The Forum, Harley knew of the casting issues and after a while they turned a blind eye to it. Good Luck with your new bike. There are tons of Evo parts out there:s
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    Thanks, I looked at the awesome collection of tech tips, but didn't see any on the casting crankcase issue. Is there any way to tell or is it just seeing a crack? I saw some aftermarket crankcases for $1K already, but hoping to avoid that if all possible.

    Kudos to those who worked at organizing this forum, the organization of information is really great!
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    Glad to have you aboard! :ws:rider
    From Central Florida.