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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by jricky, Dec 17, 2011.

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    Hi all recently purchased a 2011 Deluxe. Wanted better exhaust sound but an ole guy so not wanting to lose any more of my hearing. Would also like a little performance increase if possible but not wanting to spend big bucks on performance. So, went to the dealer and having screamin eagle slip ons put on. Service guy said that I did not need to do the screamin eagle AC which with labor would run about $300. He said with the slip ons that also adding the AC I would not really notice any performance difference. He also said that if I did do the AC that I should do the "Race Tuner" which is about $700. I've read other places that just a "download" for about $150 would be all I would need not a Race Tuner.

    So what do you guys think 1.)should I ignore the Service guy recomendation and get the AC with the $150 download cause no way am I going to spend $700 on a Race Tuner. 2.) or just forget about the AC and enjoy a little better sound.
    Thanks for any help/suggestions and sorry about the long winded post.
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    If just doing mufflers and staying at 1.75" baffles or smaller no fueler needed. If adding mufflers and Screaming eagle stage 1 air cleaner a fueler will be needed. The bikes run lean to begin with let alone opening up exhaust and air cleaner. Neither mufflers and air are a difficult install and you might be able to do your self.
    As to recommended fueler there are better options. The download just brings bike to EPA spec with added exhaust and mufflers with no real performance gains.
    What does come highly recommended and is also a easy install wit the best customer service is Dobeck TFI. TFI Tuner From Dobeck Discounted (NEW OFFER) - Harley Davidson Community
    The maximum increase in power is approx 5 HP per upgrade.
    Word of caution, really research out mufflers and tuners and not just rely on just what the dealer is selling for there are many options available and you only want to do this once.:s
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    jricky; If you're going to add little "rumble" to the bike - then I'd stick w/pipe & save the $$$. No need to add air + tuner if you're looking for some sound. Can always start saving for these things later...if you change your mind.
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    Thanks DBMG and IceMan..for the quick and helpful advice. For now then I'm only gonna do the slip-ons and see how it goes...can save my money for more important stuff....like shiney chrome:)
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    With the forum discount you'll get on Dobeck's TFI, it wouldn't cost that much more to finish up your Stage One with an air cleaner and tuner. It'll sound great, run cooler, and give you a small boost in power. Air cleaner install is so easy, don't even consider paying the dealer to do it.

    Your bike will appreciate the Stage One more than any chrome you hang on it!
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    Your taste in sound is similar to my wife's, not much louder than stock but a bit deeper. After I put a Gen 3 on her totally stock Deluxe, she likes the deeper sound but it's not too loud for her. With the member discount here at HDT, the Gen 3 is cheaper than pipes or the air filter. There are a number of good write-ups about the TFI's and Gen 3's on this forum that you might be interested in reading. :s
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    You can change the baffels in the slip-ons to get more sound. I like them loud, but have found that you can have loud and save on the ear problems by having longer pipes that are further away from the rider. I have vance&Hines big shots long, when I start the bike and walk away from the bike they are loud but when riding, the pipes are behind me so they seem quiter and dont ring my ear drums.
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    I need to get in on that deal, thanks for posting.
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    I think you will be happy with the slip ons, but it wont be long and you will want a little more power. You can get the AC upgrade very reasonable if you keep an eye on Ebay. Then I would recomend the Dobeck TFI you can get the discount and if you are a Vet you can get even better discount. I have a 07 deluxe and am very pleased with the results you will also notice that the engine will run cooler. Good Luck and Welcome to the best HD forum out there
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    There are lots of options for pipes. If you don't want the harmonics of high speed still ringing in your ears at the end of the ride then get a set of pipes that offer some more quiet baffles. Ear plugs can help but are a pain.

    I have Vance & Hines pipes and I installed the Quiet Baffles in them. It didn't really make them that much quieter, but it is a different freguency and tone. A little deeper and not so much of the blap blap as before. I can tell a difference in my ears at prolonged high speeds but I still use ear plugs for long trips. There is also wind noise in the issue.

    The SERT and SEST (Screaming Eagle tuners) are great products as is the TTS etc. If you want to experiment with different maps for different altitudes or will need custom maps for racing OR if you are just the type that likes being able to fine tune your timing thru the tuner, then you would enjoy these products.

    But they are expensive so if you are only looking for a cooler running, stage one solution, the Doebeck is the most economical bang for your buck. I have one of the older original models of the Doebeck and I love it. Bike runs cooler, smoother and a bit more pep.

    The new Gen4 Edition has some added abilities. Go to the Doebeck site and check it out. If you have any questions the folks here can answer most of them or you can give Doebeck a call. They do answer the phone quickly. They don't always respond to email.