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    I just bought a 1995 wide glide . ive had some issues with excessive vibration out of the foot pegs handlebars and seat. its at lower rpm's. ive changed all the motor mounts done the alignment procedures , vertical, front, and rear. checked the compensator nut,primary chain tension, final drive belt tension,. checked the whole bike over for loose bolts or nuts , cracks in the frame, tire pressure. with the bike in nuetral and sitting on it , when i start too throttle the bike and get it to about 2500 rpms or so it shackes like crazy. the mirrors are completely blurred . it will blur your vision and rattle your teeth. BAD!you cant hardly keep your feet on the pegs. and you cant see straight. its more like a shutter really.same if im riding it , or cruising at a lower rpm range . its terrible. the rpms are to high to be lugging the motor. if im cruising at higher rpms like around 65 , 70 mph its pretty smooth. same as if i ramp through the gears at high rpms,smooth. its definately rpm sensative . when you ride on the highway and clutch the motor as it idles down when it hits that rpm range you can feel it shutter. this is the only wide glide ive ever been on. ive heard guys say the bike should be shacking a little at idle the as soon as you take off its smooth as silk. the only thing i havent addressed is the transmission alignment . cant find any real info on this procedure. then theres always the flywheels too. at this point i would be happy to know it was the flywheels so i could just fix the (EDIT)
    thing. some guys are saying..."oh that bike is gonna ride like that no matter what you do" i cant imagine that , how anybody would wanna ride a bike like mine is right now is beyond my comprehension. lol.can any wide glide owners chime in and give thier views on how my bike should be? lol . sorry bout the long post.

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    I have a 94 wide glide (wife rides it) but on the odd occasion i have to ride the bike it is smooth unless at idle
    the engine/gearbox/swing arm are isolated from the frame through rubber mounts which isolate the frame from the vibration
    So there must be something that is not isolated that is attached to both the engine and frame that is transmitting the vibration
    perhaps at some stage some of the rubber isolates have been thrown away
    places i would look is the adjustable link between the top of the engine and the frame (the one used for lining up the rear wheel) and the exhaust system which may have been replaced and not isolated correctly

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    so the trans is on rebber isolators too? i didnt know that. i checked the stabalizer link on top of motor already. the bushings are there and no slack.
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    If the header pipes are touching the frame anywhere it will give you bad vibs.