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Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Fourdogs, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. Fourdogs

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    So any of you Texans here, are anyone else going to attend the rally down in Smithville, Texas this coming week?...I believe the dates are March the 14th,15,and 16th...Called "Thunder on the Colorado"...Smithville is about 40 miles south of Austin. This will be their 2nd annual ....Lots of good eats ..of course thats normal for Texas...lol...Poker run...games...I think a pre party...and sure some kind of music...you can contact the "Chamber of Commerce". I'm in Missouri but am going...got 10 inches of snow today am going freakin crazy...Come on I gotta get out of this place...:p
  2. namdude

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    I know what ya mean, I'm flying to Phoenix this Saturday (03/08) and picking-up a new 08 Heritage Softail. I am in Denver and it is snowing now. 70-80 down in Arizona so I will stay awhile and break her in down in the desert!!
  3. Stormrider51

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    Wish I was going since the rally is literally just down the road. Instead, I'll be riding through Smithville enroute to my daughters house in Fayette County for her birthday. If I went to Thunder on the Colorado there would be louder thunder a bit further south and east!