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Heritage backrest questions ??


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Hey y’all,

I need some help. I recently installed a Touring Passenger Pillion (51763-07) on my 2007 FLSTC to be able to keep the lovely young wife on the back for longer rides. She really likes the new seat but now says that the backrest hits her too low and needs to be higher (she thinks about 4” higher). I did some checking in the Catalogs, the website and called the local HD parts guy today and it seems as if these are my only real choices:

1 – Get a Tall Sissy Bar Upright (52749-85A), and maybe a new backrest pad.


2 – Get a Heritage Softail® Classic Bucket Passenger Backrest Pad (52348-97) to install on the existing stock Low Sissy Bar Upright.

Issues / Questions:

1 – I need to know how high the Tall Sissy Bar Upright will raise the stock backrest pad. The parts guy told me I could use the stock backrest pad, if I drill a hole in the center of the medallion for mounting the pad, but he had no clue what the height difference between the two sissy bar uprights, and didn’t seem to know how (or care) to find out for me.

2 – The available selection of backrest pads for the Tall Sissy Bar Upright is very limited and I don’t really like the looks of them with the Heritage.

3 - I need to know how much higher the Heritage Softail® Classic Bucket Passenger Backrest Pad is over the stock backrest pad. The parts guy again could not tell me the height difference between the stock backrest pad and the replacement.

So, I’m sure someone out there has faced this issue before. What did you do? The replacement backrest pad certainly looks wider and more comfortable, but how much higher is it than stock? 1”? 2”? 4”?

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help a fellow rider out and provide some experienced advice.


Only advice I can give here is to go to a site like cycle trader and put in your model info in a search and then put in the Heritage info and compare pics.You can open two browsers , one for each bike so the comparison would be obvious. It's about the only thing I can help with here.
WD, if you have the part numbers, is there a way for you to see pics/specs for these parts? They may help in your decision.

Wish I could offer more advice then that.

Thanks Knight. I do have the HD part numbers, but I don't know of a way to look up the harley specs on them. Does anyone else know how?

I did have a Heritage rider on another MB tell me that the Bucket Backrest pad is about 2 1/2" taller than the stock one, but that's the only info I've received so far.

I hope to hear from more folks on this though.

If you use google search and put in the part numbers you have, they will come back with the part, most times with some dimensions too.
i can check with my neighbour, his wife has that setup.
also if you ever sell the old stuff let me know, thanks bob