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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by BuffaloBill, Dec 7, 2009.

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    Helo Gang

    Well i went to my local Dealrship to get a set of HD plugs for my 09 Ultra and noticed a 2009 RKC on the floor and got to talking about a possible trade.

    I had a 03 RK and I really liked it and in 08 I traded my 07 EGC for the Ultra thinking I was going to retire and travel with the bike Well here I am still working and possibly retiring in 20012

    My all time favorite is the RKC the dealer is telling my that he will trade me EVEN UP for the NEW 09 RKC I have 9700 miles on the Ultra

    I know that each bike has a different purpose but to tell you the truth I have not used my Ultra for long rides I just travel to work and back I plan to cut down the commuting to work and mainly do week end riding
    Given the choice wouild you trade for a Brand new 09 or keep the 09 Ultra/

    your thoughts are appreciated

    Ride Safe Merry Christams
  2. rydahog

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    well on the face of your comments it seems like the money part is not a big time issue, now comes the practicality being the size and weight of the bike as you get up in years,,as you elude to retiring in a few years. I noticed with me as i got close to 60 the ultra was a bit to heavy for me and (down sized) to a street glide and added the quick disconnect tour pak and could not be any happier,,best of both worlds. Plus for you new warranty and no miles,,(9700) and you seem to REAAAAALY like the RKC..good luck and ride hard...ryd:)

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    Taking a bath is a relative term, financial wise maybe yes, but immersion into the ride that you want is really the measure of personal satisfaction. We have all made poor decisions regarding finance, we own a piece of iron that we lavish 3 to 4x the base price...but the convoluted path getting there and the joy it brings is really the measure of success we live and ride for. Sounds perfectly fine with me which ever choice you make, but my gut feeling is the RKC is the right choice for you...your ride, you decide. I ride a Sporty and am fine with I really want to go up in size and weight as I get up in years, don't know, the RKC looks mighty fine, and that was the direction I was going, but then like you I am pretty happy with the size, weight and performance for me and my gal, so I really can relate to your torn decision. My yardstick is still "Smiles per Mile", the dollars have little to do with a sale in my case as much as the emotions of the decision (the exact opposite of what you should do when buying a new ride).:newsmile030:
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    If they will let you pull your muffler's,air cleaner and any other accessories you put on your Ultra and put it on the RKC...Go for it..I agree with Smitty...If it came down to a money thing... good investment/bad investment none of us would own one.You can turn a Road King into an Ultra pretty is hard to make an Ultra into a King!!
  5. BuffaloBill

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    You are right I forgot to mention that The dealer will let me take the TFI , Lower rear air shocks and Stage 1 off the bike before trade in. As far as 'taking" a bath Smity I am not sure that it is an issue. I am looking at geting a "New" 09 RKC (my favorite ride) and trading in a used 09 Ultra. I understand thet the Ultra is the "Top" of the HD Line and if I were to replace it it could be a mistake However at this time my priorities have changed and as I stated before the RKC has always been my favorite.

    Having said that I will probably miss the toons and great features that the Ultra has.

    As long as I understand that this is A DECISION that I will need to live with I know that I will be OK with it

    Thanks everyone for you comments
    Ride Safe
  6. walleye

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    The bike that is worth the most is the one you enjoy the most. No matter what the dollars say, if you are happier on the RKC than that is the bike you should have. If you can trade a 09 Ultra with over 9K miles on it, keep your upgrades and get a brand new 09 RKC, which you prefer, I say do it and enjoy it.
    :D Oh yeah, one more thing, this is exactly why I avoid HD dealerships!!!!!!!!!!
  7. hoggy25

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    Get the bike you really want. Money comes and goes (mostly goes) but fun is what we all want most. Sounds like the RKC is what you really want. But only you know for sure.
  8. WHM1

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    I think you have already decided.... if you are happy with the Road King and have test ridden (9700 miles) the Ultra go with the trade.
  9. mvd00024

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    I think smitty hit the nail right on the head..
  10. Iceman24

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    Go w/your gut feeling on what's right for you & there are aftermarket sound systems & fairings w/sound portals so you can "modify" the RK for longer rides, if necessary. I just went through a similar situation & it's tough, but there are loads of good minds/resources here on HD Talking & looks like you're getting great advice. I'm sure you'll be happy & enjoy either ride.