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    I have a 2010 Eletra Glide Classic and have the Gen 3. I was on the phone last week with the Tech department, and was informed that it matters what plug goes on the front injector...I did jot in down but left it at work. So I need to know what color wires from the gen 3 plugs into the front injector Thanks you guys rock
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    MY instructions Don't say anything about the color of the wire....BUT Look at your white paper(i have one, installation Instructions HD Touring 2008 - 09)

    #11 On initial start-up the unit will scroll green LEDs across the controller face plate and then go to a solid green or slowly blinking greenLED. This means the unit is installed correctly and functioning properly.

    Under troubleshooting.. READ:
    If the 1 LED is flashing green and the number 8 LED is flashing red at idle then this indicated a connection issue. Re-check the wires from the EJK and make sure they are connected to the proper wire of your bike's harness. The EJK unit only needs power and a proper ground to show this error display.

    NO Mention of colors for front and back is made on my sheets..

    SO flashing Green and Red LEDs mean a connection issue..

    that is the best I can do and knowing Dobecks are Not open today is why I posted this..

    If you can, BEFORE you button it up , make sure the lights are all green NO red flashing..

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    Thanks much
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    I have a gen3 due to me on Monday, I wathched the youtube video and the video from Dobeck, i am pretty sure i hear Chris saying "It doesn't matter which plug goes on front or back" I have to re
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    Doebeck told me it does not matter which one.
    just to install and check the lights to make sure it is working correctly
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    That would be correct per the instructions:s
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    It does NOT matter which pair of injector connectors plugs into the front versus the back, but we do recommend for the 2010+ HD Touring models to plug the connectors with a double pinned red wire and a yellow wire to go to the front cylinder.

    Why? These new Harleys have a heat reduction mode where if the engine temperature gets too high they actually shut off the rear cylinder in an effort to reduce the heat. This rarely happens with our unit installed because by adding more fuel at idle we are already keeping the engine temps lower. If this did occur though and our channel 1 connectors (red/yellow wires) was plugged into the rear cylinder then our controller would also shut off. We only power our unit through channel 1.
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    above comment is correct, i had problem with my gen 3 when i first installed it, rough idle, hiccup,, then i talked to chris, told him issue, i changed connections, and wha-la...ran great , allowing me to adjust to get cooler engine and more hp, finally adjusted first grn setting from 3.5 to 3 and better gas mileage around town, around town now, about 39 mpg's,,,on highway speed at approx 68-78mph,,i am getting 40-42 mpg ..this is great, i will have to make an effort to log my fuel and mileage, but all in all,,,i am happy rider, and at 75 cruise control on,,,bike sound realllllllllllly good,,later ryd,,,