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  1. Cain33

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    I am looking to purchase my first harley. I am hung up on which bike to go with. I really like the look of the dyna wide glide, but I have never road a dyna. I have rode a softail before and I like the duece and the custom. I was wanting some input from some people who know. I really like the look of the wide glide and am leaning that way, but want some input. I have experience riding so that should not be an issue. If it matters I am 26 and have a girlfriend that will want to ride every once and a while.
  2. geezer

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    Welcome aboard. My only advice would be is to buy the bike you like. Your gut says to get a wide glide so I would sat to follow your gut.
  3. Cain33

    Cain33 New Member

    Yeah, thats what i am thinking. Really cant get this certain one out of my head. Thanks for your input.
  4. Mrtnharleyrider

    Mrtnharleyrider Member

    Well it's up to you! In my opinion, I would ride one and all the others just to see which I really liked the best. I've made the mistake before of buying before riding and it does get exspensive. Best of luck and Welcome! :cheers
  5. Jack Klarich

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    Ride them all then decide:s
  6. billbasket

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    Go to the local dealer if there is one nearby and test ride one or acouple. Lots of dealers have special days. All you need is a license.
  7. HDDon

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    I'm with the group here, don't know where your located but there are many places that rent Harleys. Rent your favorite for a day and have your friend ride two up with you. A good day in the saddle will tell you how it feels and you will be able to determine if you need to look further. I own a 94FLSTC and an 05FLTRI, both bikes ride completely different and I wouldn't want it any other way. Welcome to the forum and no matter what model you choose ride safe.
  8. fisherman124

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    like they all say try to test ride different models take ur time. dyna a nice bikesince u have experience if u go cheaper to sportster youll probally up grade sooner than u think and will be loosing to much $$$ on a trade in good luck go slow
  9. candave650

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    All these guys are right test drive and decide,but if you are like me I always go with the bike that attracts me the most.
    I have had a Wide Glide and now a softail custom and liked them both.

    Go with you gut feeling and you will be OK .
  10. walleye

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    Like others said, you have to ride the one you choose to see if you like it, but at 26 and needing a comfy ride for your GF, I would look at the Street Glide or the Road King to start with. I would go with a touring suspension and you still get the style of a young guy...LOL! That way when you get to be really really old, like 30 something, you still will like it! Of course this is JMO. Good luck.