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    My 2009 XL883 is acting VERY strange since I brought it in for it's first 1k service,(at my HD dealer), and also had Vance and Hines slip ons installed. The day I picked it up from the shop I went for a 60 mile ride and had NO problems until the last five miles of my trip. That is when my speedometer kept crashing to zero when I was going 60 mph, thus lurching me and the bike forward in the process. It kept doing this numerous times regardless of my speed, and while I was stopped I had to feather the throttle to keep it from stalling. I figured maybe It was having fuel issues since this was really my first ride after having the bike off the road for the past 6 months, so I topped off the tank and also added dry gas.

    Today I took the bike out again, (roughly 5 miles) to check things out, and the same things were happening. This time however, the key light would go on, the engine light, the battery light, and then the odometer would cut out, and then go back on. It also stalled about 6 times, and boy was I glad to be close to home.

    Needless to say, this is all very annoying, but I would like to know if anyone has any opinions on this? Obviously I'll be bringing this back to the dealer ASAP!


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    Very strange indeed, I would take it back to the dealer and let them test it and be firm since they just worked on it. if they ride it and van duplicate the problem you stand a better chance of getting it fixed this time, dont take no they all do it for an answer

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    Anjjou, welcome to the HDTimeline forum and your first post. While there are many Self Help Tips and Search tab tools at your disposal, the first thing I would check would be fueling, we have all heard about the possibly inaccurate fuel light reserve method used on EFI bikes. Next thing of course was did you get fuel from a station you were unfamiliar with?...easy to pick up bad gas if in a remote location. Because bike is so new, do take it back to the dealer, if nothing else to log the warranty related symptom. Many HD dealers offer a "free" tow if you have them do the work...just a thought.
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    Last summer my heritage was acting all crazy like that after it got soaked in the rain storm of all rain storms, turned out to be moisture and corosion in the ignition switch. Could you have some condensation during the long winters sleep?