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    A friend of mine just bought a 2009 Deluxe and she has 1 issue with her new toy. Engine heat is a problem for her (she is 5'1"). I suggested a new slip-on exhaust setup with a stage one air cleaner, Screaming Eagle Race Tuner, and V&H Straightshots with the Quiet Baffles installed. I also suggested a full dyno-tune to set it up correctly. Additionally, Kuryakin sells heat shields that fit right over the rear cylinder (under both sides of the seat) like the ones on the Ultra Classic. Anyone have any other suggestions to bring engine temperature down further? She also has an issue with the oil tank generating heat. Thanks!
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    Good choices for the most part but I would use some slip ons instead of the SS with baffles. The heat shields, I would go with the RJS originals instead. Better product and fit.
    Heat Deflectors - Harley Davidson Community
    Other areas that would help with the heat are the cam. The stock cam has poor characteristics for the EPA reasons and a switch here will make a big difference even to something like the SE 203 cams from the dealer.
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    I'd definitely do it in stages for financial reasons. Why spend $1000 on a Stage One if she's mainly concerned with the heat? Do the heat shields first along with a switch to a good, quality, synthetic motor oil. Couple hundred bucks for an oil cooler might help. Then if she's still not happy she can go ahead with the pipes, air filter, and fuel management.
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    I read somewhere that their is a new program that allows the rear cyl not to fire at idle which reduces the heat on a softtail seat, just the foward cyl runs till the trottle is moved
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    I thought that was just the touring bikes.
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    I might be far off base on this, I wasn't clear from the original post whether the issue was her engine getting too hot, or of the configuration of the bike just made the heat unbearable for her. If the latter, I recently saw a set of Heat Shields in J&P. I is a one bolt installation under the seat, and it makes a dramatic differnce in the amount of heat deflected from under the seat...
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    tts master tune and a dyno will do wonders with the heat. most hd are set up lean from the factory.
    also i ride a deluxe and i know what she means but after the build and a good tune i know longer have issues.
    i also do not run a cooler. i use 50 wt oil .
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    Richening up the engine will cool everything down. I'd say to do a Power Commander (or SERT, if that's your thing) pipes and an air cleaner and it'll be running way cooler. Even with the True Duals on mine the heat from the pipes (even the left side) isn't much.
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    Try this and its cheap and works Nightrider there you will find info on heat issues using there Xieds.