Help with Wiring for Dragonfly Fairing

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by greatgolf7, Apr 19, 2010.

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    Hopefully someone will be able to help an inexperienced one in hooking up an aftermarket Dragonfly fairing. This was a used fairing that was on a 2002 Road King and has a cigarette lighter as well as Kenwood stereo and Sirius Radio. I will be putting it on my 2002 Road King Classic. My issues are where the wires should be hooked it. It has a four-wire pin type quick disconnect like on a truck and trailer type wiring harness.

    There are four wires. White, Brown, Green, and Yellow. The previous owner had the yellow and green tied together with the yellow on having a 30amp fuse inline. I called Dragonfly and this is the information I was given by phone.

    Yellow & Green - Positive Post on Battery
    Brown - Ignition wire (so when you turn on the bike, the radio will come on. Otherwise it will stay so you won't run down the battery).
    White - tied into ground.

    I can hook up the yellow and green to the battery and ground the white wire. I have no clue for the brown and ignition wiring. Not sure how this would be hooked up.

    First does this sound correct? Second, is there any web page or any pictures that could describe this. I enjoy learning different things about bikes through these projects.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!:)
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    Easiest way is to tie into the orange with white tracer inside your headlight housing. I ran wires under my tank to the acc. connector under the seat. I bought the plug that fits and did my own wireing from there.