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Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by heritage2002, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. heritage2002

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    I bought a new WW tire for my Heritage about 6 months ago . I can't seem to get it clean it looks like it is yellow. I have tried loads of products and they don't work. (bleach white, simple green, and a magic eraser). Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated. I love my white walls but this one looks bad. I don't want to by a new one. It is a Harley Davidson tire. Thanks again.
  2. TripleJ

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    I have read here that some use an SOS pad with success.
  3. gasbag

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    I have white sidewalls on my bike and all I have ever used is Scotch-Brite 3M Non-Scratch Scrub Sponges. They have a sponge on one side and a brillo pad like surface on the other.

    I wash the bike and tires with Blue Coral and then the last thing I do is dip the brillo pad side of the sponge in the soapy bubbles and scrub the whitewalls. Doesn't take much, I don't rub hard.

    My bike is on a lift so I just rotate the tires while sitting at either end of the bike on a stool.
    I am old and I am lazy.

    The tires look great and I have never had any trouble keeping them that way.
  4. gator508

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    Try Barkeepers Friend, available at Winn Dixie, Food World, and others. Make sure you rinse the area very well.
  5. Rad Dog

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    Love the look of white walls but could not deal with yellow walls so I replaced mine with black walls

    Bleche Wite actually did a decent job but it didn't last long
  6. mat 60

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    Well ...Makes me wonder why the yellow???
  7. RibEye

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    I do not know what would cause them to turn yellow. I would hope it was not one of the products tried on them.

    For me, I jjust spray on some simple green (lower parts at a time only, so the detergent does not go anywhere but the tire), and brush real good with a simple tire brush. Then rinse off thoroughly. The white walls jump right back to a nice pop. It's kind f a pain to have to roll teh scoot back and forth during the process, and water gets on other parts, requiring a polishing also.

    One thing that helps, is a have installed some pretty dustless brake pads.

    Rich P
  8. oddjob

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    Hi westlys is good with a 600 grit wet or dry sand paper thats all I have ever used Russ
  9. Jack Klarich

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    WESTLEY'S - Tire Cleaners and Mr clean magic eraser, if the whitewalls were never white to begin with the coating the manufacture puts on if not removed can get that baked on look
  10. Bodeen

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    IMO, the whitewalls are a choice that you have to ask yourself, are they worth all the extra work? They look great when they are perfectly clean but when they are not, not so much. I give you guy's credit that keep them and like them, its a labor of love.