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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by kdaddy, Sep 15, 2013.

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    99 heritage evo with ev27 cam, single fire ignition, Cv carb slow jet bumped one size, kn filter open box and vance an hines longshots no baffles. Crankcase head breather relocated by tube to filter under bike.
    Oily gas mist all down side of bike only when running above 65 mph. Is this a reverberate issue? Any ideas?
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    Don't know how many miles are on the motor, but the umbrella valves could be shot. Also is this a one time event? Sometimes after the bike sits for awhile the oil will drain into the crankcase and when the bike is cranked the pressure will cause the oil to come out the AC. If your bike needed oil and you topped it off you may have overfilled it if the oil was really down in the crankcase. The oil dropping down into the crankcase is caused by a check valve not sealing properly, either worn or something holding the valve partly open.
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    Possibly reversion, try putting your baffles back in and taking it for at ride, some times exhaust tuning can make a difference. If it helps try Big City Thunder baffles they have a couple styles and sound levels work very well to bring midrange back after baffle removal...
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    The spray down the side if the bike is fixed for under five bucks. So my buddy did not want to give up the sound of his pipes with baffles . We went to lowes and bought two 1/4 inch eye bolts and slid them in his pipes. Put the threaded end through his baffle bolt holes and wrenched it down with nylock nuts. The internal popsicles did not change the sound and completely fixed the sliming of his bike down the right side. This is a cheap fix to reverberation problem. No more wet air cleaner. Please note this was an oily gas problem not a head breather oil problem.
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    Glad you have it fixed ...