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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Realtor, Aug 6, 2010.

  1. Realtor

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    I amnew here, I have a 2007 Ultra Classic, Now is the first time the security system has given meany problems. here is the problem.

    Turn on the ignition, (fob is in my pocket) I get chirps and the signals flash, does this a second time and te siren goes off, repeat, repeat.....

    I have NO idea what the pin is, how else can i disarm the security system? is it possable to unplug it somewhere?
  2. HDDon

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    Have you tried changing the battery in the fob?
  3. Hoople

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    No. There is more to the security then just making noise. It disables the ignition, fuel and cranking.

    Change the battery like Don suggested. If it fixes it, I would get the dealer to retrieve the PIN code because if you loose that fob while away from home, and you don't know the code, your finished. Your not going anywhere.
  4. Realtor

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    I'll try the new battery tomorrow, Thanks,
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    I've has this happen to me twice. new battery and fob in pocket. No explanation as to why. Both times in a public area with people around. You think anyone even cared about the darn siren? Not one person even looked my way. Not very encouraging at all. Anyway, I digress. I didn't need the pin to get it started as the system somehow recovered and read my fob. Strange occurrence to be sure. You will need to take the bike to a dealer to get the pin either decoded or to reset to something you'll know regardless as to whether the new battery works or not.
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    New Battery did the trick! I always seem to jump off the deep end when something is not working right... Thanks for the suggestion on the battery.
    Glad it worked, we had a poker run today, it's only about 110 degrees here in pensacola, thank the good lord for SPF50! going on another ride with fells I fish with tomorrow.
    Again, thanks, I hope i can contribute to this forum.

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    Just a word about batteries. They self discharge in hot weather, think if you have a battery powered wristwatch, they last at most 3 years against your 98.6 deg F wrist, so if you are in the habit of carrying your key & fob in your pants pocket, that battery will only last at least that...maybe same 2 or 3 years in hot weather.

    Mine is in SoCal (mild "dry heat") :s has been running for about 3 yrs (button type, use it about 4-5 days out of the week (previous owner never used the alarm system stored in drawer) and I have not had replace my primary one I carry in my jacket pocket yet.:33: The Buttonless Fob drains constant as it is proximity activated, don't know if it has a power conserve mode. Probably a good time to test the manual deactivation method...:newsmile082:
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    Jim; Now that you have everything working again, look in your owners manual and find the procedure for getting the security system code (by default, it's often the last 5 digits of serial number,BACKWARDS). Anyhow, get the code, tear out the "how to disarm" wallet card in your owners manual and put it in your wallet. It's also a good idea to practice the procedure in the comfort of your garage a few times. I carry spare fob batteries taped to the inside of my tour pack.
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    Glad to hear a battery did the trick. That puts a flag up for me. Might be getting time for a battery my self.