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help with new tank plz

im really wanting to put a 4 gal smooth top tank on my sports.
and was wondering if anyone has? and what tank would be the best ? as well as fenders? the bike has a fact flame paint job on it and its the 100 yr anv ed and has # 131 out of 300 and i dont want to get rid of the factory parts for fear of the resale or trade in value will be lost ? but i want a diff paint job on it when i replace the tank . ive been looking on ebay for the parts and was wondering if anyone has got a tank off ebay? or would that not be the way to go . im in the dark when it comes to harleys and tricking the out
I would paint it myself, im just wondering if the tanks on Ebay are good . i dont want to buy a low end hunk of junk for a gas tank , they got new 4 gal bob tanks for sportys for around 200 bucks and i can pick up fenders cheep as well. ill box up the stock tank and fenders as they are in mint condt. the bike only had 4000 miles on it , and its a nice fact flame paint job. im just lookin for some info on a diff tank style and Ebay has some good deals on them i think? if anyone has got a streched bob tank for a sporty off Ebay and can offer some input it would be a blessing
thanks for the info hobbit. i was thinkin about getting a tank with a dash on it . if i could find one i would have it fabed if i could make it work.
Hey Jeez, I love Ebay for parts. I have found a bunch of stuff for my bike on Ebay. Just look carefully and ask lots of questions. There are a lot of used genuine harley parts out there. Look for stuff that says "dealer take-off" or something similar. I built my ATV entirely from parts from ebay. I can't say I really saved that much money doing that. I did manage to find a set of plastic for the quad for about $100, Honda would have wanted $600 for the same thing.

Just watch, as there are a lot of scammers on ebay. Don't bid on anything until the last minute. This is important. Don't enter your "maximum bid" early as a lot of sellers will sign in as a different user and bid their prices up, and you end up paying a lot more than you would have if you would have waited. I wait until there is about 20 seconds remaining to start bidding.

I just typed in "sportster gas tank" on ebay's search and got 123 items.

If you need any help feel free to let me know. All of my riding buddies are always asking me to look on the bay for this or that.
Hope I could be of some service to you THE:rider