Help with my Panhead - Won't start

Discussion in 'Custom Models' started by chrisbradenton, Nov 2, 2008.

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    I just bought a 65 panhead. I picked it up thursday, was on the highway, and the bike started decellerating and then stopped at a certain point - probably about 40 mph. I couldn't throttle up at all. The bike was sluggish. I made it to next exit and the bike died on the off ramp. Pushed it to the gas station and tried kicking it with no luck - it just sputtered. Tried the electic ignition, it wouldn't fire, then later it made a high pitched sound. Trailered it back to my house and charged the battery cause it was nearly dead, put the battery back in and the starter won't do anything. Tried kicking it and nothing happened. It sounds like there is no gas going to the engine (a friend told me this). It sounds like the engine has no gas at all. We checked all the wires, regulator, distributor, etc. Everything was fine except he said there was no power to the distributor. He said the wires check out fine, but can't figure out why the distributor has no power. Any ideas?

    I don't know anything about harley's.

    Thanks guys, and I'm new to the forum, so.....hi!
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    I've got a 65 with s&s fltwheel and mollery dis. have a hard time with the timimg and starting????