Help with moving turn signals .. ?

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by Redrooster, Dec 27, 2008.

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    I am new to the forum and I am looking forward to hearing from other owners regarding their advice and install tips. ... I have a 08 FXDB Street Bob and I want to install ghost brackets for saddle bags. I will have to move the turn signals to the back side of the fender. Has anyone done this and if so, what is required? Is it something I should try to do myself or am I better off taking it to the dealer? My experience with bikes is with riding not mechanical however, I'm not an idiot and can tackle most basic repair/additions without a problem.

    Any help here is appreciated!
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    It's not a difficult job to relocate the signals. There are kits available that may make it a bit easier for you to do. It should be something you can do yourself with some basic knowledge. It involves getting the right hardware and possibly lengthening the wires so use the proper gauge and color wires to keep things organized.
    You should have a black wire for ground, then two other wires like blue and purple for running and directional circuits, that's why I recommend the proper color extensions to make it easier.
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    Harley makes a kit that moves the turn signals to were the license plate bracket is the kit also lays the plate down a little for a nice clean look. If you go to the dealer they will print out the instructions for you for free so you can decide if you wish to tackle it on your own. I did it and it took me about an hour start to finish. Just follow the directions carefully and you should have no problem. Cost about 70 bucks I think, I did mine some time ago so I don't remember the exact cost.
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    Here is one from HD. It does not lay the license plate down. Take Gary's idea and use some soap to get the wires through the bracket. And I did need to add some wire to get the length need. Actually added a little more than would just fit. Made mounting and routing everything a little easier. Secured the extra up inside the fender to the side with stick on clip, then made sure of security with small wire ties.
    Can find my receipt right now with the part number.