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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by Phantomrider, Jun 14, 2008.

  1. Phantomrider

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    My 2008 Street Bob died on me last night. I got a mile down the road, it backfired about 3 times as I hit the throttle and then went completely dead. No lights, nothing. Checked main fuse, ok. Turned on and off ignition and still nothing. Long push back home. Mechanically challenged...where do I begin to look for problem? It's obviously still under warranty if I can't make a simple fix myself. Help is appreciated.
  2. Dr. Dolittle

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    Lots of posts about 2008 touring models having fuel pump issues. Sounds possible in your case but I'm no mechanic. I'd call your dealer/mechanic immediately. Then I'd post some more exact details of what happened, what you've tried, and the results so someone a lot smarter than me can jump in with some suggestions.

    Here's the link:

    08 touring fuel pump issues - Harley Davidson Community

    Good luck!
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  3. glider

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    Probably the battery terminals loose. Very common lately.
  4. R. Lewis

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    Sorry to hear about your scoot Phantom!!! Since you stated "No lights,nothing" -- IMO-- Way to many gremlins could be involved with this one and your bike is still under warrenty -- I would not even attempt to fix myself. Besides if you take it to the dealer they will have a "work history" on your scoot if this happens again.
  5. Dr. Dolittle

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    Yep, go with Glider's suggestion first. It's amazing how often we forget to start with the simplest solution before jumping to the conclusion that it's something awful.
  6. SilverFoXD

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    Totally dead points to an electrical problem. Suggest checking the battery cables and tighten them with a wrench.

    If that doesn't work, call the dealer. This is a warranty issue. Even if you solve the problem, let them know and that you aren't pleased with their new bike setup.

  7. Bud White

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    Im with the rest check the battery and cables .. much more from there back to the dealer since its under warrenty
  8. Fisher

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    Dynas seem to have issues with the battery terminals.Check them and tighten up if necessary.Don't over tighten them it's easy to do.
  9. Idaho John

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    Hi Phantom: sri to hear about your difficulties with the bob. I have had a similiar situation in that I'd had the bike less than a week and it went dead and me about 50 plus miles away from the dealer. I used my "complimentary" HOG tow and paid about $200.00 dollars to boot and got her back to the dealer...all to find out that there was a faulty switch in the ignition system. My baby was dead - no lights, nothing. I too was a little irked but my dealer worked with me despite having to pay too much for the tow,and it got ironed out. I agree with the earlier post, take it back to the dealer, we have paid too much for the privilege of having a Harley and in my case waited way too long to deal with this kind of heartache. However, this situation also forced me to learn more about my bike and how it worked. Good luck to you and please post and let us know how it worked out for you!:bigsmiley24:

    Idaho John
  10. Phantomrider

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    Problem solved ... A wire came loose from the ignition. Warranty work completed. Total down time 6 miserable days.:)