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Discussion in 'Transmission' started by T-Skully, Feb 8, 2009.

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    This is my first time posting here so bare with me not to mention that this is my first Harley ('96 Road King) and I have only had it for about 8 months. This forum has been a huge help answering a lot of questions that I've had. My problem now is that I changed my primary fluid a couple of weeks ago and used Formula +. My owners manual calls for approximately 38-44 oz so I split the difference and added about 41 oz. Then it slowly started to where I couldn't find neutral and then started to shift hard. I adjusted the clutch as stated on this forum several times and still nothing. After getting fed up I took it to a local shop yesterday. On my way there I noticed that the clutch was slipping if I gave it some throttle when cruising down the road. The shop said that I had too much primary fluid in and that the clutch was saturated and would need to be replaced and of course it would only cost about $400.00 to fix. Isn't a wet clutch supposed to be wet? Anyway they re-adjusted the clutch, drained some of the fluid and when I left it was slipping worse than before I got there. Could not find neutral and barely first gear for that fact. So I took it back home let it cool down completely and just to satisfy my curiosity I checked the adjustment they had done and it looks as if they only adjusted the screw out a 1/4 turn not 1/2-1 whole turn as stated here and in my manual. I proceeded to re-adjust it out to 1/2 turn, re-adjusted the cable and road it a couple of miles. Still slipped at first but seemed to start to straighten out. Now all of a sudden I can find neutral with no problem and it shifts fine. Still slips a little when I give it throttle when cruising but seems to be less than before. Seems to be getting better the more I ride it. My questions are have I ruined my clutch? Does it sound like it needs to be replaced? If I did saturate it do you think it will eventually "dry" out or once saturated it’s ruined as the shop stated? Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide.
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    Recheck the fill capacity. The newer 96 engines in the 07 and later bikes use that fluid ounces, yours is less I believe.
    As far as "saturating the clutch" That's a new one on me as they run in oil, find another dealer and re adjust your clutch properly. Sounds like they are trying to empty your wallet.
    While it's true that your year bike could be in need of a clutch, it's highly unlikely that overfilling the primary would cause this problem mentioned, I feel it is an adjustment and if they are telling you that you saturated the clutch by overfilling, I would doubt their capabilities for an adjustment as well.

    How many miles on this clutch?

    Also make sure you have enough free play at the handle.
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    I have never had a Harley clutch apart ,but on other wet clutch applications where they have become saturated from too much oil,as they are supposed to pick it up not be immersed in it. We have taken the clutch basket out removed the plates,washed them down with laquer thinner,used a light emory to remove any glaze and reinstalled with great success
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    Thanks all!!! It's a 1996 Road King with 35,000 miles on it. I had that feeling, you know that feeling that someone is trying to take you for a ride, no pun intended. If I were to continue riding it now do you think the slippage would eventually stop without doing any damage or should go ahead and take STEVE07's sugestion and " take the basket out removed the plates,washed them down with laquer thinner and use a light emory to remove any glaze. Thanks again!
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    I have 35,000 miles on the bike and the clutch for that fact or at least as far as I know being a used bike when I bought it. If I were to continue riding it now do you think the slippage would eventually stop without doing any major damage or should go ahead and take the basket out clean the plates or just keep riding?
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    Manual for 92 softail 30 to 36 oz
    manual for 94 dyna 30 to 36 oz
    they are both 1340 evo motors the same as yours so strongly suspect yours would be the same
    i have always stripped and cleaned clutch if it has had too much oil
    plates need only very thin film of oil to create suction if too much will slip as oil is slippy stuff thats its job
    in the old days used petrol (gasoline) to clean oil from clutch plates