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    Purchased a 2009 Street Glide and I only have a 26 3/4 inseam.
    Put floorboards on for the passenger and I have very restricted leg movment now.

    Have a hard time backing up.
    Have the Sundowner seat, reach was lower, but dealer said it would be uncomfortable on long rides.

    Very unhappy with my purchase because of these problems. Dealer suggested after market reverse. Not sure how much it costs.

    Wife cannot use pegs, foot problems.

    What can I do?

    Bike ride nice aside from the height and leg movement.


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    The problem you are having with the rear boards is a very common one. I actually went the opposite way on my RK and installed the setup with pegs that you removed for this reason. Only suggestion is to look into some adjustable passenger board mounts, maybe that will solve the problem for both of you or you can go with a set of mini passenger floor boards too.

    Something like these half way down the page.

    Rider American Custom bikes.

    Or something like these.


    Floorboards and Footrests for Harley Davidson
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    The matching HD passenger floorboards (I'm assuming that's what you have) can be installed in several different positions - mostly a height adjustment. I would try moving what you have around and trying every available position before spending money on anything else. You'll have plenty of other opportunities to throw money at your new "baby."
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    I remember your discussion about the seat, but do not remember if you have had the bike lowered. You might want to consider that option. Both the front AND the back should be lowered at the same time to maintain a semblance of the geometry the bike is supposed to have. My bike is lowered, and I use the REACH seat. This has provided me with a very stable bike. The seat made a BIG difference in my perception of stability, since it brought ME down another inch and forward about the same. Center of gravity for the bike is now about as low as I can make it.

    When you load up your bike for the road, put all the heavy stuff in the bottom of the bags. Save the light stuff for the top.

    Even with all this done, when Momma or my daughter are riding with me, there is just a little bit of room for my legs between my floorboards and the passenger boards. At my height, I have to compensate for that by the way I handle my bike especially when I park it. We pull up, the passenger gets off, and then I always park it so it will be going up hill when I am leaving. This means BACKING into where ever I am leaving it usually. If I have to back the bike up, Momma or whoever is on the back has to get off, and if backing up means uphill, they need to help push from the front of the bike, or I get off and yank the bike back up the incline before we all get back on and take off. Just the way it is!!

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    I have the same problem myself, although I have an inch or so on you in the inseam dept. I have an 07 Street glide with the lowering kit on the front (rear shocks are low profile stock) This did bring the seat height down about 1 1/4 inches. It's not recommended to lower the rear much more than stock, especially if you're riding two up. (Bumpy roads could play havoc with your rear tire bottoming out on the fender) Aftermarket reverse runs about 1400.00 plus labor. I still can't put both feet flat when I'm stopped and as TQ said, All I can do is make sure I park in a way where I won't have to back up to get out. (unless I have help :) ) The only Harleys that are "short people" friendly are the softails. They can be significantly lowered fairly easily. After having said all that I will say I wouldn't have any other bike, I love the FLHX even if I can't back it up real well!
    Good Luck!