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    After looking at the price of new rims i decided a good look would be to FAT SPOKE my already stock black rims.I can only find one kit online(spokes and nipples)does any out here know of any companies that sell the spokes(powdercoated black of course)any help would be great!I've seen pics of bikes with this look and it seems like a cost effective alternative to the 2,000 price tag of new billet rims
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    I too, am looking to spice up my wheels on my bike. I do like the spokes but putting on some fat black laces would be awesome. Getting new wheels is pricey. Check out Ride Wright Wheels, maybe they have a set of fat laces and nipples that might fit your wheels. Let me know what you find.

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    Found this on Google regarding Respoking Wheel 101...

    How To Spoke Motorcycle Wheels 101 | Electra Glide In Blue

    How To Spoke Motorcycle Wheels 101

    Posted on 6th May 2009 by Electra Glide In Blue in Harley-Davidson, Motorcycle Parts, Motorcycle Wheels - Tags: Motorcycle Wheels, spoke wheels, spokes, truing wheels
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    Front and rear motorcycle wheels are spoked identically. If you are respoking a wheel, It may help to take pictures before you dismantle your wheel.
    In this example I am using a Harley hub and an aftermarket 21in rim. Spoke holes in hub flanges are in two rows around the flange. On a 40 spoke hub, there are ten inner row holes and ten outer row holes in each flange.
    All spokes must be inserted from the inside of the flange.


    1. Place the hub with the brake end of the hub facing up.
    2. Insert the spokes in the ten inner holes of the brake side flange.
    3. Swing the loose end of the spokes counterclockwise as far as the hub will allow without turning the hub.
    Place the rim over the hub and spokes.

    Note: If you have a hub with a grease fitting, position rim with the valve hole 90 to 180 degrees from the grease fitting.
    If you are using a 16in rim that has a side valve hole, place it opposite of the brake side of the hub, if the rim has a center valve hole don’t worry a bout it unless you have a grease fitting hub.
    4. Insert the spokes in the upper row of rim holes that angle in the same direction as the spokes.
    5. Just start the nipples on the spokes as you insert them in the rim.
    6. After all ten are attached, start inserting the spokes in the outer holes of the flange and swing them clockwise.
    7. Select any outer spoke, make sure it crosses over four inner spokes and insert it in the nearest upper rim hole and start a nipple.

    8. Follow this same application with the remaining nine spokes, starting a nipple as you go.

    9. Turn the hub and rim over and repeat, only this time the inner spokes will flow clockwise and the outer spokes flow counterclockwise.
    When you have spoked up your wheel, the inner spokes on both sides of the hub are flowing in the same direction and the outer spokes are flowing in the same direction, opposite the inner spokes.
    Turn each nipple on just far enough to cover the spoke threads.
    Now wasn’t that easy!

    You are now ready to true the hub to the rim.
    If you don’t have a truing stand you will have to take it to someone who can center the hub and true the wheel.
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    Christ NewHDFan,

    That was one awesome post :) I am looking into changing my stock wheels to something more exotic like an offset radial spoke pattern but this might be a good project for a future home build chopper project..

    Take care,