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  1. I am trying to get the plunger out, got the spring out without any problem but cant seem to get the plunger out. any suggestions??????
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    Okay.... Can you give us a little bit more of an explanation.. Just what are you working on?
  3. sorry about that, twin cam, trying to install a baisley spring in the oil pressure relief port and cant get the plunger out
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    I don't know if this will help, but when we used to change valve lifters that were stuck we would spray carb cleaner down around the lifter and bore and let it soke in and losen the varnish ad then they would come out easier. Let me knw how you make out cause I have the same job to do
  5. I think my biggest problem is I am not sure what it is I am trying to get out! I am not sure how far it is up inside the hole or if it is hollow for the spring to go up into. As you might be able to tell this time and one more will be my second time!
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    This is what you are trying to remove in the center of this pic just above the cam plate. Try cleaning it good first and they try a magnet.

  7. Thanks Glider, I finally got it out. I tried a magnet but I guess it was not strong enough. I finally got a 5 in. x 1/4 wood screw/bolt and wrapped some duct tape around it and after taking off a couple of wraps I gently tapped it into the hole and halleuia it came right out. Thank God for duct tape. Once I got it out everything looked clean and I was able to put it in and out with my magnet. Cranked it up and idles with 30 psi. I talked to the gentleman at Baisley and he recommended the #4 spring. He was super nice and helpful. I was a little concerned about winter cold oil pressure but he assured me that since I was in Texas I had nothing to worry about. He said he had several running up north with the #4 spring with no problems in the cold. Thanks for everyone's help. Have a wonderful day and a better one tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Yet another use, that has got to be one of the most versatile products ever made. :)
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    As the saying goes.....if duct tape wont fix it. it's broke
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    After I changed my spring to the Baisley (I used the LMR-002), my oil pressure was a bit high for a few thousand miles. Would be up near 60 psi on cold starts, then fall to about 38-45 after warm up with about 20 at idle. Now, with over 15k miles on the spring, it is in the high 40s low 50s at cold start and around 32-35 at highway speed when warmed up. Idle is around 10 or so once warm.

    Very satisfied with this mod.