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    I have tried to replace the cam chain tensioners on my 2004 Ultra Classic. I have put it all back together and it has no power! I think maybe the timing is off, i lined the cams up like book said. Bike starts just has no power. Any suggestions would be greatly apprecated. Not sure if i understand the top dead center part of this prodject.
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    I think you are going to have to take it apart and check everything over. Did you use adjustable push rods and did you put the exh p.r. and the int p.r. in the right locations. Does it back fire.. Did you line up the two timing dots on the cams and then when you reassemble did you line up the outside marks on the cam and the pinion gear. Did you let the lifters bled down when you did the push rod adj.
  3. johnnyreb

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    I have stock pushrods and i did make sur that all the cam marks lined up with cank. I made sure the chain gears were lined up. It does backfire. The only thing i can think of is i didn't get the cylinders to top dead center. I pulled it apart 2 times to check marks on cams and chains.
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    Sorry to read you are having problems with this project. I suggest investing in some adjustable pushrods so that you can save yourself the headache of pulling the top end apart trying to problem-solve this one.

    Watch the pictorial I did here:

    TQ's Engine Build - Harley Davidson Community

    You can skip ahead to the assembly part and especially where I walk through adjusting the pushrods. I explain how I did each cylinder. Not hard, but you have to get this right so that you are on TDC of the COMPRESSION stroke, not exhaust/intake changeover.