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    hi there im a new boy on here and im glad i found you guys....i have a problem with my 05 flhtcui security system....i bought this bike as a repair project from the insurance salvage yard..ive totally repaired it and when ive connected the battery the tssm system has gone into secure problem is , i dont have the security code and i dont have the original key i dont have details of the original owner, or the original supplying dealer, i am unable to get these...can i overcome this somehow..? will my local dealer be able to wipe clean the tssm and ecm and install new codes ..? will i have to buy and install a new tssm AND ecm..? please can anybody due to take this bike on a trip around europe soon and i need to get this sorted as soon as possible...thanks for any info and assistance.
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    with all that said ----- Dealer !
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    Not sure if the dealer can recover the password with the digital tech or not but worse case scenario the TSSM has to be replaced but not the ECM. You can always go to a TSM and do away with the alarm completely as the cheaper route. This you can do yourself and do the password relearn procedure below. The dealer may be able to track the original selling dealer through their computer if he's decent about it and wants to help out.

    Marrying NEW TSM/TSSM To Bike (password relearn) - Harley Davidson Community

    If you want to try this to see if you can retrieve the pin code on your bike, it's a chance but it may work.

    Programming / Using Manual Security Code (both FOB's) - Harley Davidson Community
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    so if i buy a tsm i can install it myself and get my bike running without dealer intervention ? bike is 05...does tsm have to be compatable to the year and model...what part no for tsm would you reccomend,,,i really dont want to have all this alarm trouble re appear , so if i can do away with the tssm i will be delighted...
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    I had to do this awhile back. I have an 02 electra glide with the alarm. The turn signals stopped working and it was traced to the TSSM module. I bought on on ebay for 15 dollars and the dollar charged me 35.00 to "marry" it the the bike. It was still alot cheaper to do it that way than to buy a new TSM or TSSM. It took about 15 minutes for the dealer to complete the work. I tried the manuals way but I didn't have good results, thats why I went to the dealer. If you find one for sale, get the part number and then call the dealer and ask if it will be compatable...I told them my friend had one I could have, rather than let on I bought it from ebay. A new one was around 100+ dollars I think.