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    Hi there fellows.

    I have a -04 XL1200C and i have proplems to install new aftermarket tacho. Tacho is from Bkrider and cost 44$. Have anyone ever install this? Where and how exactly i wire that green signal wire. I have ask this local so called engineers and everyone have a different opinion... I also have Baron adapter for this tacho but i dont know do i needed and if i do, how i wire this. My english is not so good and i am not a cableguy so tell everything to me simple as possiple. Diagrams or photos would be fine... I have allready try to install this but i dont get it work. It shows about half rpm without adapter, and with adapter it shows 0rpm. Tachowires go now under my seat where is that big plug just before my SE ign box. Above my coil is 3 wires and i follow those to under my seat and try to install tachowires there. I have pictures about my wires so if you want to see how my bikes and wires look like, email me. Tacho have 4 wires, blue (lamp on), red (12V), Green (negative terminal of coil or cdi) and black (ground). Adapter have 3 wires. ....baronscustom,com/catalog/display/243/

    And please dont begin your answer " I quess...."

    Great forum by the way.

    Your friend from Finland
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    Your Adapter has 3 wires? Doesn't sound right. It should have 4 wires.

    1) Yellow wire to Front of coil
    2) Blue wire to Rear of coil
    3) Black wire to ground
    4) Green wire to your new tach.
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