help me decide on small windshield

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    I know it's my decision, but I need more advice.
    When I first got my 06 1200-C I got the HD QD tall And it looked way to big and I got a lot of wind that would up-draft from under the shield and up my chest and wiggle my glasses all day long. Last year I got the QD short and the wind problem is a little better but still there, and I still think this one looks to big on my Sporty. I don't like the look of all the metal strips in the shield ether . Good when it's cold out and for keeping my arms and back from getting tired, but that's about it.
    I put 250 miles on it Friday and that wind coming up from under just about drove me nuts. When I hold my arm out in front of my chest it stops, but I cant do that all day long.
    Now for warm summer weather,I'm looking for a small one that will take some of the wind off my chest and help rest my arms and back, and not hit me from under so hard, and still have a sporty look. I'm going to keep the HD shield for the Michigan early spring and late fall cold weather. I have been looking in to this for the last 2 weeks, from what I have been told and read the Tombstone at $ 45, may be a good one for me and it's the least expensive. I don't think it's the best looking small shield but a lot better looking then my big HD shield. I like the look of the 'Windvest' and the 'Switchblade Deflector' but at $ 340, to expensive. I like the 'Del Ray' $ 130, and the 'N.C. Deflector Screen' at $ 115, too. I like the look of the 'NC Flyscreen' $ 135, but it looks to small to work. Most fairings don't fit a custom for some reason but I don't think they would go well with my custom anyway.
    I have got some info so far, but I'm looking for all the advice I can get. Would be great if any of you had pics of small shields on your bikes...
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    I have the Harley QD tall on mine and I haven't noticed that at all. How tall are you? Stock bars or something else? Perhaps your position is the problem and not the shield. I think your going to have to go to a full fairing to get the level of comfort your after. Other than that, you may want to consider one of the "fuller" plexiglas fairings. I think Memphis Shades makes one that goes around and under the head light. I wear contacts and KD (these are small and don't offer much protection) sunglasses when I ride and I never have a problem at all. I went over 275 mi. on Sat. and nary a prob..
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    It's not just the wind from under my HD shield. I just hate how it looks on my bike . I just want to take some of the wind off my chest so I can relax my arms and back. I'm looking for a small more sporty looking shield. I'm keeping the HD shield for cold weather...
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    I am thrilled with my Memphis Shades El Paso (19" above headlight).
    The gradient black looks OK on my Nightster, protection is excellent.
    80-95 mph, no problem.

    I do not use it around town, just when I will be on the highway.
    On and off in a few seconds.
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    I had a National Cycle Deflector on my Sporty. 15 1/2" tall and the rake was adjustable. It attached to the forks and removed easily. I had the clear but they also come in black. It was just enough to keep some of the wind off your chest and looked pretty good as well.
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    Well as of today I'm leaning towards the 'NC Deflector DX'. My main concern is how will all the black hardware look around my chrome riser on a custom. I'm going to go see one on a bike today. Hope I like it so I can end this.
    I would like to get the 'Switchblade Deflector' but at over $ 325 a bit to pricey for me.

    Hey all
    I got a great deal on a NC Deflector DX today at my Indy dealer. They look a lot smaller in person then they do in the catalogs, and that's just what I was hoping for...
    Thanks to all of you for your advice.
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