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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by blubottle, Nov 25, 2007.

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    Hi everybody. i have a 2007 softail standard and i recently just bought the hd smart security alarm and was wondering if i can easily install and program this by myself or do i need some diagnostic tool with this? Im reading the tech tips section installation seems straight forward but im stuck with programming. Do i need to follow the "marrying the new TSSM to Bike section" or the "TSM/TSSM password relearn procedure"?

    The OEM alarm came with a new TSSM module, antenna, and the keyless fob.

    Any help would be appreciated..

    thanks in advance..
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    A Quick Install run down...
    The cables are plug and play and keyed so you really have to work at it to mess it up.

    1. Remove seat and disconnect battery ground.

    2. Remove TSM module and replace with TSSM module (under seat aft of battery)

    3. (Optional) Remove right side ECM cover and install Smart Siren II behind ECM mounting bracket

    4. Reconnect battery

    5. Program unit per supplied instructions

    6. Follow "password learn" procedure from self help forum here or the HD Electrical Diag Manual. (takes 30 minutes)

    7. Follow "clearing error code" from self help forum section here or in the HD Electrical Diag Manual

    Alternative pay dealer to run Diagnostic Technician software to marry new TSSM to ECM and clear error codes.

    Check this post out.
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    hope to tackle this thing over the weekend...

    thanks glider..