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    For over a year I have had an intermittent problem that nobody around has been able to figure out in the electrical system of my 1997 HD Road King. It will just stop running all of a sudden, intermittently... maybe after a couple of hours, for five to twenty minutes, and then start back up and go for awhile longer before doing it again.:(
    I have tried various things including replacing the 30 amp breaker under the seat, replacing the ECM, taking out the Power Commander and remapping - (it doesn't throw off any codes), - it DID throw a code once, indicating the lean angle sensor, and I thought I was home free, but was then informed by the local dealer that a 1997 model doesn't HAVE a lean angle sensor. Now I'm stabbing in the dark, thinking that it might be a broken wire somewhere... I don't want to have to replace the wiring harness and rewiring if I don't have to, thus the reason for my joining the forum. Can anybody please give me any suggestions? I am currently contemplating replacing the crankshaft position sensor, and the sensor assembly for cam position/vehicle attitude...
    Thanks for any and all suggestions - has anyone else had this type of problem?
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    I would do the crankshaft position sensor. Been a few going bad.
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    A symptom of stalling and no codes could be memory power loss to the ECM. With the engine up to temp. you can try to tap on the crank sensor with a screw driver tip. If the sensor is going bad this should make the engine stumble or poss. stall. Crank sensors do cause stalling and sometime need to cool down for a restart. But from a personal note with my 03 RKC, I could ride for 10-15 minutes than started to feel a shut off between shifts. I was also getting alot of popping durring decel. Thinking the decel pop may be related to a lean condition I decieded to replace the fuel filter, as I was removing the console to gain acess to fuel pump, I found the ignition switch harness was about to fall off the switch. I removed the filter to find it was very restricted. I used di-electric grease on the switch harness and made sure the retainer clip clicked. After this I never had the engine shut off between shifts, and [with Hooker Tourqer mufflers] no matter how hard I tried under heavy decel. the engine never back fired, or pop any more. It use to sound like a shot gun. If the harness is loose to the switch, this could be why there are no codes. good luck
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    Same thing happened to my buddy and his 2000 Roadking over the summer....He ended up pulling his tank, freeing up, unwrapping wiring and hand fingering every wire from under his seat control boxes foward. Feel for any bumps or bulges in the wiring that may indicate breaks of strands in the wiring. Also check out any sharp bends in the wiring for possible breaks, if any of the wiring was taped up in that position. That's what he found and was able to make repairs to finally keep his from shutting down just as yours is doing.
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    I am having the same type of problems on my 2000 RKC efi w/ pc2 started when riding died out started right back up since then it has gotten worse. Short story changed fuel pump, lines. cpc new battery. It will start intermittently then die after 3 seconds seems to be starved for fuel does anyone have a fix or any guidance i appreciate it in advance
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    There was a problem with the wire harness to the injectors being a little too snug. The wire/wires inside would break causing a worsening intermitant type problem. Try wiggling those wires and see what happens.
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    I saw this on A Kawasaki 1500 cruiser with a Power Commander. It was the connections to the injectors that became worn and loose. It would not hurt to look at the PC just to be safe.
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  9. sportster 2001

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    ok lemme assume all grounds are good. lemme assume you pulled fuses (ie, headlight) to isolate circuit none of them effected anything

    lemme assume you replaced crankshaft position sensor (cheap - easy to do - and has that symptom)

    are you SURE your not over-heating (bad heat sensor) ?

    are you SURE you don't have a bad fuel pump to your injectors ?

    are you sure you don't have a bad oil level sensor ?

    does it cut off sharply/quickly ?

    how long is it until it starts up and runs fine (you didn't say)

    (you said 5min-hours until it happens, didn't say how long before being able to restart)

    make sure you don't have heavy keyset in ignition that is bounding around ;)

    ignition switches can become touchy shut on/off if they've had abuse , may need replacing

    does just the motor cut out ?

    how about lights. any other indications ?
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