Help ID Cams in 2002 WG

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by DexDexter, Jul 25, 2009.

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    As a proactive move (65,000 kms), I pulled the cam cover on my 02 WG and inspected the cam chain tensioners. The primary tensioner was wore significantly and the secondary was barely worn . I replaced both anyway. The INA bearings are in excellent condition and I decided not to replace them because I don't have the proper tools as yet. I may do so this winter. The Cam service kit that I purchased includes all the bearings including the same INA inner bearings.

    My question is this: what cams are in my engine and why is the tensioner wear the reverse of what would be expected.

    The cams do not have the typical timing marks as described in the Harley manual, but have and "A" and a "1" on the rear cam and only what appears to be a hand engraved line on both cams and these marks are the only similar marks that appear to line up as timing marks. Is it possible the cams are after market Andrews cams installed by a previous owner?

    I have also been told by a Harley mechanic that the primary tensioner typically shows less wear than the secondary. My thoughts are that the cams were switched out and at the time the primary tensioner was is such good shape that it was not replaced, but the secondary was, hence giving me atypical wear results.

    Does any of this sound plausible???

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    You did not indicate how long you have had the bike (miles or kms), but that would be my guess. In any event, you caught that outer tensioner in the nick of time. Wouldn't have been long before that thing went to bits.

    On the INAs, I strongly recommend switchin' to the Torringtons during this Winter's projects. There are plenty of pix of the two types on here for comparison. You will see the difference visually since it is significant. Also, there are a few horror stories on here of guys that have had their inner bearing go. Pretty traumatic.

    With respect to IDing your cams, I suggest calling or emailing the Technical Support group at the major cam makers and give them as much info as you have to see if they can help identify at least whose they are. With respect to identifying the exact grind, you would probably have to take them to a speed shop and have all the specs measured so you could look them up. That assumes no to very little wear.

    Finally, during this Winter's projects, you might consider a conversion project to the roller chain or the gear drive. Either of those will require new cams which will solve that dilemma. Of course that assumes the funds are there.

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    Thanks for the reply TQuentin1.

    I have had the bike for 2000 kms and am the third owner. The second owner had the bike for 30,000 kms and indicated that he performed no engine repairs, just the required maintenance and the included receipts from the dealer appear to bear this out.

    It seems strange that Harley still have the INA bearings in the service kit if they are a problem? I wonder if the included INA bearings are an upgrade from the originals. The bearing number (SCE 148) is the same as that presently in the bike and they appear in pristine condition.

    New cams would be out of the question, as money is a little tight at the moment.