HELP!!! I hit a bump and transmission/clutch let go!!!

Discussion in 'Transmission' started by mhultman, Jul 29, 2014.

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    Hi forum members. I was riding my bike, hit a fairly hard bump, and my clutch lever became totally loose like something let go. I've inspected the cable (good), the connection in the clutch release cover (good). I've stopped there. I can't find any information on how the clutch system works etc. Any ideas on where to troubleshoot next? Again, hit a bump, clutch handle goes loose and I can't shift into any gear. Baffling. I appreciate any help you can provide!!!
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    Can you shift bike engine off by just moving shifter?
    What year Electra Glide are you riding. Your description needs to be corrected.
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    Did you take the release cover off or just look at where the cable enters? It sounds like the cable broke internally or the mid way adjustment went completely collapsed.
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    Sounds like cable broke.Check at lever first.I would pull on cable to see if it moves farther than normal.You can do this at either end.I once had the lead piece at the lever come off.Good luck.
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    Hi there. Its a 2000 Electra Glide. Like I said, I took the inspection cover off and am seeing the cable move when I manually move the clutch handle. Would it move even if the cable was broken? Can anyone lead me to an explanation of how the clutch system works from handle to clutch? I can't seem to find that anywhere and the shop manual doesn't have it either. Thanks for your input again!

    I took the release cover off and the cable was in place.. not broken.. I thought it might be that as well.. but it isn't
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    There really isn't much to the clutch... you've got a spring diaphragm, and the plates and the basket. It sounds as if something is binding up in the clutch basket such as a foreign object.
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    What gear were you in? Can you shift the transmission by hand to neutral? [​IMG]
    This shoes your release mechanism, there is also a pushrod that runs thru the transmission that actuates to separate the clutch discs
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    When you removed the release cover you should see the ball and ramp assembly. The cable attaches to it. If you examine it, I'm sure you will be able to see how it works. When the clutch lever is pulled one half of the ball and ramp mechanism rotates. As the ramp rides up the balls it separates from the other half and exerts pressure against the pushrod. The pushrod is actually three pieces, and it transmits the force from the ball and ramp through the center of the transmission main shaft to the diaphragm spring inside the primary on the left hand side of the bike. If you remove the derby cover, you will be looking at the other end of the pushrod. It has a hex socket that requires a 7/32" Allen wrench and is secured with a jam nut the takes an 11/16" wrench.
    From your description of the symptoms, I suspect that the ball and ramp mechanism may have come apart. Make sure it together correctly and then follow the service manual instructions to perform a complete clutch adjustment.
    Additionally, the ball and ramp assembly can be upgraded to the '06 and later version to provide a significant reduction in clutch lever effort.
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