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HELP! HELP! am not so Tech kinda guy!


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Ok! heres my sad sad story. I have a very old computer with limited space so now and then I try and delete some of my programs..only to have them backed to a disc...However...and we know theres always a However in life...At one point due to its rather large program I deleted my itunes program which i guess ya gotta have to load music to my ipod. I thought I could just drag and drop music to it, as long as the computer recognized the hardware...It don't work that way. I need to remove some of the tunes and add there anyway to do it without having itunes downloaded...Coz I forgot where I put the CD....See its hell gettin old..the mind don't remember things so well...If anyone knows:wall please help.. I got our granddaughter a MP3 player for Christmas. All I did was connected to the computer and we dragged and dropped all her song right off her CDs...why won't this stupid ipod work that easy????...HELP!
iTunes is a free download from Apple, so you can get the program back easily. I have never moved songs without the iTunes program.

Well Duh!...never thought of that!!!!..I guess I'll never catch up with new technology. Thank you Sir...I though because I have a serial number with my ipod it would have to match Thank you again...Dan
Glider are you really the Shell answer man? Now you seem to be the go to man when it comes to computers also.