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I know this has been said recently but felt it deserved a post on its own. I don't know Glider, and am not related in anyway shape nor form so what I am going to say now is as honest as it gets.


To give up your own time to post some amazing information appertaining to our baby girls is really kind of you; whilst not every topic will suit all, they cover from beginner to advanced expert and I personally love those tips like the garage door opener; I don't know who you are, but you are one real kind gent for thinking of us,and I just wanted to formally and sincerely say thank you. No need to respond Glider and I hope I have not embarrassed you.:54:

Thanks again

English Mike

Thanks for the kind words.
I enjoy helping out with some advice to the members here who are some great people.
I've been working on bikes for as long as I care to remember and enjoy helping out when someone gets stuck with a problem that I can solve for them. The internet is a vast place and brings a lot of different people from different parts of the world together to share the same passion, our bikes. It's a great thing and at times can be very trying also.
We take the good and enjoy it and put the rest out to the curb.

Thanks again for those kind words.
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If there are any topics that I haven't covered as yet on the board, feel free to send me a PM or post here mentioning what you would like to see and I will check my library and post any information available that will help out here on the board.

Again, Thanks for the kind words Mike.

I'll "Second " that BIG TIME !!!!!! Sure has helped me out a lot with his postings and experienced techno knowledge ! Just saying ''Thanks " seems such a small token of showing my appreciation, but it comes straight from the HEART ! Again,....many,many ""THANKS" glider !!!!! Ride safe, and apply the ''K.I.S.S. " theory to life, take care, HI-Tek Rednek
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Glider - I for one read all your posts and find them extremely helpful, useful and definitely appreciated. I know it takes an inordinate amount of your time to do this for us but just let it be known that this Harley owner hopes you keep up the good work. Many thanks my friend.
Great thread Mike. It's nice to see glider appreciated for the amount of time he spends to help others with bike related issues, and for no gain, other than making new friends. :yes
Thanks Guys. I like to help out with bike problems when they pop up and this is a great thread to see that you all are using the posts I put on the forum. Hope they help you all out at some time or another.

It makes it all worthwile then.:42:
Thanks again Guys, do you think any of these "they all do that" dealers will ever wise up to the fact that the customer is the one that keeps his doors open and should be treated a little better ?
I haven't been on this forum long, but I have noticed that glider is ver knowledgeable about almost all of the issues people seem to have and I'm sure that he is a big help to most of the people on this forum.