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Help!!! Dyna Wheel Question


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This is my bike and I what to put these wheels on.

They tell me that it can not be done because of the brakes.
Is this true? Is there anyway around it?



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Give us a bit more to go on here. Why can't you put those wheels on because of the brakes?

You have a dyna , and what are the fitments for the wheels. There are kits that go with the wheels that make them fit many models.
The problem is with the front. My bike is a 06 with a 19" front. The wheels that I want come on the 08 Screamin Eagle Dyna and is a 21". The problem in not the size but in the rotor &/or caliper (so I'm told by the dealer). The dealer had a hard time explaining it to me which make me believe that he doesn't really know for sure and doesn't want to order the wheels just in case they don't work. He said that I would have to change the lower fork leg because of how the caliper mounts. Of course you can't just change the lower leg you have to change the upper and lower on both sides (about $2000). I can't find specs on the rotors or calipers to narrow it down to one or the other.
the wheel and fork set up on the SE Dyna is unique to that bike,
Saw one today in the dealer and it is an awesome machine and the front end is a work of art.
The bike comes with Upside down forks ala the Vrods and if looked like a different caliper as well. as well as the associated parts attached to upside down forks.

I see that now. THANKS