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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by streetgliding, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. streetgliding

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    I have searched the other threads, but did not find anything that was very specific. I am looking for someone that has done a four point docking kit install on a 09 or 10 touring. I am told they are the same and the install is much easier compared to the 08's and before.

    I have a 2010 Streetglide and plan to do the install myself. Seems straightforward and I am pretty mechanical. My dealer cautioned me that this was difficult and suggested that they do this because the fender will shift and the holes are very hard to line up etc.... I think (EDIT) wants the labor. but, before I get into a nightmare thought I would ask for some insight.

    It appears simple. Remove the one torx bolt on the strut cover and install the kit with the supplied three bolts. Any advice, or caution from anyone would be appreciated. Thanks

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  2. StGlide1958

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    I have not installed the kit myself, however I do have the docking set up on my 2006 SG, with a tour pac. The only thing I can caution you on is the fender shift. I bought mine used, and there was two bolts not installed (not sure if the dealer who installed it knew of the two missing) but I did have a slight time to align those two holes. Easy does it, follow the instructions, and you "should" do ok. I would suggest starting the bolts slightly untill you have all bolts in the threads then tighten. Hope this helps
  3. wildman9

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    Direct bolt on, good instructions included, easy as pie.
  4. joel

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    If you need to re-align the holes try to use a punch, also only do 1 side at a time. On my 09 RKC it was fairly easy and the alignment of the holes was only off a little, using a punch or a phillips screwdriver that fits into the hole will help.
  5. Slapp

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    Installed the hardware on my 09 EG and it was pretty straight forward just make sure the bike is sitting straight up (not leaning on kickstand), by doing this you should not have any shift. Also remove and install only one bolt at a time. Start at rear and work forward repeat on other side. If it becomes out of alignment use a tapered punch to line it all back up. Over all it was an easy and straight up install.
  6. ppofootball

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    20 minute easiest install yet. 4 port on my 10 Street Glide. The dealer told me the same thing. Easy instructions direct bolt on.
  7. streetgliding

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    Thanks for the replies and ppofootball it was nice to hear this from someone with a 2010. I felt like this was easy, but glad i asked.
  8. 09RG/92spster

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    I installed mine on the 09 RG. No problems at all and I am not a mechanic. Careful when opening up the lids on the bags because they may hit the docking hardware. I noticed this right away and just place my finger on the inside of the lid between the hardward so I dont ding it up. There was some tiny pieces of tape that came with the kit but I threw them away before I knew what they were for.