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help choosing a cam for my tc


i have a 04 flht with rinehart td's,up graded ac and dealer down load. my cam tensenor pads are shot so i will be changing to a roller chain or to gear drive system.andrews says their #12cam needs no re-tunning i was wondering how much more tuning would be needed for their #21 or#26 cams thank you dan
Cams are a very specific area depending on the type of riding you do and the modifications to your motor. I would suggest finding out from the manufacturer of the cams what would be best for your bike and if they would require retuning or not.
What is right for one may not be the best choice for others. I stay away from performance recommendations for this reason, too many variables to consider. Things like compression ratio, pistons, heads and flow characteristics of the heads and head gasket thickness will all make a difference in the proper cam choice as well as the type of riding you do and where you spend most of your time in the RPM range and what you want to accomplish with the cam.