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Help! -Air box removal problem


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I have a 1995 XL1200 and I can't remove the cover to the air filter. One screw that holds it down turns and turns but won't turn out. I have been on the road for over 5 months now south of the border, I'm way over due to clean my air filter.

Has anyone had a simular problem? Does anyone know how the H I get the screw to turn out?

Thanks a ton, I need help....
if its just turning and turning it is either broke at the head or the threads in the filter are worn as the ham can attaches to the filter and the filter attaches to the carb.

What i would do is gently apply pressure to the under side of the head the word here is GENTLY and then start to rotate the bolt this should allow the threads to catch and release the bolt, has worked for me many a time just remember GENTLY apply the pressure.

Hey Hobbit. Thanks man. I was afraid of that. I did exactly that and applied way to much pressure after a little pressure didn't work. It still turns and turns and nothing. Maybe I will have to have the D thing drilled out or something. I hope not.

Thanks again for your help