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Help! 92' Heritage doesn't start!


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Hello All,
I was up north last weekend, parked the bike for a couple hours and came out to a bike that would turn over but not fire. Strange thing is that when I turned the ignition off or if I rocked the kill switch after cranking it for awhile it would back fire. (exhaust, not through carb). After towing it home I began the process of elimination. Checked spark and nothing was there...checked voltage at the coil and read zero. BUT, when I wiggled the ignition switch, I'd get spark at the plug and 11 volts at the coil. I replaced the switch and still not firing but will back fire when turned to the off position. I do have a reading of 8.9 at the coil now. Any ideas folks?
Thanks for any replies.
Fully charge the battery and try to start it again. The ecm needs more then 9 volts to fire up.
Sorry i should have mentioned that the reading was after cranking a few times...11volts at the moment. I just checked the coil and the primary reading is .004 ohms, secondary is where it should be. I'll try a new coil tomorrow.