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:help 07 Nightster brake light problems


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Hi everyone.
Problem with my 07 Nightster turn/ brake lights. It is winter and I have been going out to the garage occationally to start it and I noticed that the brake lights (which are also the turn signals) are on. When I hit the turn signal switch for either side the light does blink, but you can see the shorter thicker filament in the bulb stays on. When I hit either the front or back brakes the lights flash but they stay on. This is starting to burn my smoked tail lenses. I contacted my local stealer (you couldn't pay ME to take my bike there as they treated me like (edited) when I was looking to spend $10,000) they told me that the cold temps were causing the problem. How dumb do they think I am? They also told me that the lenses are my problem as they are not stock. So I guess HD got me for another $40 anyway.

I was wondering if anyone had an idea of what it could be or if they were having problems with their nightster lights.
I really don't want to ride the bike with the lights doing this, I don't have any brake lights right now........

Hopefully this will "go away" when it warms up........
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First off is to find which circuit is causing the lights to light whether it is the front brake handle or the foot brake and go from there.

The factory manual will have wiring diagrams in it for the lights.
No LED's. The bike came with red lenses and 1157 double filament bulbs with clear glass. When I put the smoke lenses on I switched to 1157 with red glass bulbs. I also did the front turn signals smoke lenses and amber bulbs. The look is awesome when the lights are off the turn signal housings look like they are one piece all black.

This problem started during storage. The last time I started it I noticed it. Both filaments in the bulb just stay on.

Yes the bike is under warranty, but the only dealership I trust to touch it is about 30 miles from here and riding that far with no way to signal that I am slowing down worries me.

I am guessing that it is the turn signal module or something electronic. I don't think it is a mechanical switch problem.

The lights worked perfectly the last day I rode it back in November.

Maybe my buddy is right and they (HD's) really do have personalities like people and they don't like hibernating. His softail is particularly cranky in the morning (like most people I know) Maybe my nightster is trying to tell me something?
Did you wash the bike prior to storage? I have noticed on other posts here (see calling all nightsters) that the relays under the left cover have a tendency to corrode after washing. I have not experienced this, but the problem you describe sure sounds like a possible grounding issue on a relay. Good luck finding and solving your issue!
Sounds like a grounding issue. If anyone has ever tried to wire a trailer harness to their car then you know what I am talking about. This is not ment to be sarcastic but is your arm broken? Left arm straight, left signal. Left arm up, right signal. Left arm down, stop. Its only 30 miles. I wouldnt think twice about driving that far with out signal lights. I'm old school or does the rest of he world not know what those hand jesters mean any more. For what its worth, if you trust that dealer, due the ride , take your time , its your choice.
Did you get an answer for this? Came across this post while googling to confirm that 1157 was the bulb I needed for my nightster... I coudn't remember for sure.

Anyways, I had this same problem. Any chance you loosened your brake lever/switch cover? Or ran your lever into something?

My problem was that my rear brake lever wasn't hitting the relay inside the housing. It is designed so that if the relay is pressed the brake lights go out. Pulling on the lever, hence releasing the relay/button, causes the brake lights to come on. My relay/button was never getting pushed.