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    Hi...any recommendations on a good helmet to helmet communication system. Would like to be able to communicate with my gf occaisionally.
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    We did a 10 day trip up to Maine last fall with another couple on a Heritage. They were using one of the blue tooth headsets. Had a lot of trouble with the volume on one helmet. They worked well though. Required charging each night but one charger did both the units. I agree with Richard on the Ultra intercom, works great.
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    I'm using Scala wireless system. Haven't had it long. Used it twice. So far, I like it.
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    My wife and I got a set of CAMOS IMC-BHS 600 last year at Daytona's Bike Week. They work fairly well, however at 50+ mph on a Heritage it can be a tad difficult to hear each other over the engine and pipes.

    The system connected to my phone easily. It's a bit of a shock when riding and you get a call. There's no ringing, you just hear a "hello - Harold are you there..." Sometimes the call comes in loud and clear and other times no so much. When you receive a call, the passenger can hear you but not the caller. The very first call (before i knew what was going on) was fun! I'm saying "hello" and answering the guys questions - my wife is on the back thinking I've lost my mind and says to me, "what the hell are you talking about?"

    I've read a lot of good things about J&M, Scala and also CARDO but have no personal experiance. If anyone does - I'd like to know.

    Something to consider, if you have multiple helmets (and who has only one) do you have to purchase a complete sets for each or can you simply purchase additional speakers and mic, and then simply connect the transmitter to each helmet. I'm told Camos does this. If anyone knows - let me know.

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    I've got the Blue Ant. It works very well well for helmet to helmet. And, it can cannot to your cell phone or GPS, though not at the same time that you're using it for rider-passenger communications. You can transfer the xmtr/rcvr from helmet to helmet by purchasing an additional mount and mic.

    Don't know about Camos; but the Blue Ant does this nicely.
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    I bought the intergatr from J&M with the half helmet set up. It is a portable unit that fits on your belt. It allows a number of accessories, ipod, gps, cell, with vox technology. It also has a built in radio tuner, but it's not all that great outside of the city. The speakers are not the best for music, kinda tinny, but the vox works great and comm between me and wifey is great. I opted out of the rechargeable battery packs due to price. It runs on AA batteries so not hard to replace when needed. Can be powered from 12v source as well. It's a bit pricey, but we really like it.
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    I use these too and the sound quality and audio is fantastic. The only thing I didn't like is the fact that they needed to be recharged after 8 hours. ( but so did my behind at that time)
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