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Helmet replacement


So I have a quick question to ask the masses...

I've been a good boy when it comes to taking care of my full face KBC TK8 helmet..

until I placed it on the handle grip for a brief moment, and then the wind took it...

plop onto the concrete driveway. (its not the smooth concrete either. its the stuff from the 1960s that's somewhat rough).

now I know it's not a long fall to the ground, but the "manual" says "any" impact I have to replace it...

now, the shield looks like it took much of the force, since that's where most of the scratches/concrete indents are, but there's a few around the jawline too... :56:

I guess the overly safe thing to do would be to replace it, but just exactly how much gambling do you, or would you suggest I do??? I'd rather NOT buy a new helmet, but then, I've never dealt with helmet handling before...

any insight to a helmet handling newb? (Although in my defense I've always been careful for the past two years of riding... now is the stroke of bad luck)
I would say that's your call. Any damage to the skin should mean a replacement but I don't replace it myself unless there has been a crash with the helmet receiving a hit
With Glider on this one.
They have to say that to cover their back sides in court.
You need to apply some personal judgement to this one.
If I replaced mine every time I dropped it I would have to sell the bikes.

Thank you gentlemen. That helps me a lot. I couldn't really forsee having to buy a helmet, but I didn't want to think of myself as one that would chance my life on a hundred measly or so bucks.

At least now I can replace the simple shield, and not the whole helmet. Woo hoo... another excuse to ride the sportster tomorrow!!:bigsmiley8:
can't remember where i saw it, but remember reading somewhere that a fall from three feet or more can damage the integrity of the helmet. some helmet manufactures will inspect, and if possible, repair the helmet for you. of course that means your out a helmet while they're inspecting... the manufacturers are also going to recommend you replace the helmet - because if they don't, they open themselves up to liability...

it really comes down to a personal choice. you can visually inspect the helmet and make the determination. but it's your head, you have to protect it; you have to trust that it's going to provide the level of protection you're expecting...
I also saw some that look like a helicopter pilot's helmet. All DOT and Snell approved and look kind of cool, too! They have the German looking helmets now that are DOT and Snell as well.

hey joe - where are you finding the german looking helmets that are snell approved??
right - can find plenty of dot approved german helmets... was looking for the snell approved ones joe made reference too...