Helmet cams

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    We are heading out to Alberta (from Ottawa). You know how it is you have your normal handheld cam but it seems that around every turn you get one those "geez I should have wish I could taken a shot of that" moments. Then you also don't have the time to stop and take the cool shot you see. So if I could stick a camera on my Delux's handlebar or maybe on my helmet (I guess that way you get a shot of what you are looking at).
    So my question for those who have had the experience is what easy to use, good quality camera would you use. My honey has her own bike so I don't have the option where she can be shooting from the back of my bike. One of the disadvantages of letting women ride their own bikes I guess (JUST JOKING)
    Thanks in advance for any feedback! Keep the rubber side up bros!
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    GREAT camera..and it's on a lot of the Harley boards. Many riders use em.

    For hand held video while riding I use a FLIP too.